XQQ “All APAC teams won and won” Zeta Division, Best 3 Winning PRX Warp Overwear [Interview]

VALORANT ” International Convention “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavík”. The Japanese representative team “ Zeta Division ” also has the Lower (Loser Block) with the Asian Team Paper Rex (PRX), and advanced the Koma to the world.

The 1st map “ice box” is defeated by the round score 6-13 without flowing, and then the PRX is good at “Haven” and the round score 13-2 and the overwhelming difference. The 3rd map “Split” of destiny is a wonderful fix power, even while dropping the front and rear pistol rounds, won 13-10. Of course, it was a game content that looks at Zeta Division itself that will grow through the tournament, as well as the increase in cooperation as a team.

In this paper, we will deliver the contents of the press conference (joint interview) for multiple press agencies, which were performed to Zeta Division after such RPX.

-BEST3 or more has been finalized, but please give me a frank impression.

LAZ player is very happy. At the same time as World Best 3, I think I could earn 1 Asia. I’m glad I also included it.

ー ー ー 記 記 記 記 記 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 付け 差 付け 差 付け. What kind of impression did you have for PRX at a pre-research stage?

LAZ player I thought it would be a pleasant Ikeike, and I thought I was a personal buzz, but I actually combined my skills and aggressive and I thought it was a very good team.

ー What measures did you work against it?

LAZ athletes are always, looking at the opponent’s fighting way to see what kind of match flows, while looking for those who are working in their own fighting.

-A Long received an impression that was aware of the fighting at a pretty attention. Please let me know what kind of intention was.

Tenn player PRX is very strong in physical, so it was decided to fight in the first time because I did not want to be drinking at the other party’s pace.

-DEP players were not good at Haven in the interview before, but what points were you played carefully?

DEP players This time, I was talking about resetting together with the results of the first map (Ice Box). I tried to play myself so that I do not remain regret.

What do you think is the victory in Haven?

DEP player I think that it is a part that has a lot of communication with a reset from the first map eye.

ー Zeta had an impression that Split was good at Split, but I received an impression that I was taking measures in PRX match. What parts have improved and measures to victory?

Sugarz3 Rounds, the round dropped with Split was that this mistake or fruitioned deviation. While correcting such parts, we decided to decide what you stabbed in the hand (tactics) of themselves.

ー f r ス r r r r 選 There was a scene that the player stuffed before. Was it alert around?

SUGARZ3RO players were packed itself easy to understand and understand. However, in the early stages, I was able to fix it well without being able to fix it. In the second half, it is good to pull it out without overdoing, and I think that the answer was given, and I wondered if I was stuck well.

The scene of the round score 8-9 of the ethe plit, the zeta side time out, but what kind of story was you talked?

XQQ Coaches, as we settle down, of course, we were doing what they were doing now and to confirm what was wrong.

ー There was a 3-day free time from the last match. How was it spent?

LAZ Since I knew that it was three consecutive battles after this, I was able to review my match firmly and take measures against my opponent, and it was a feeling that I could do my best for the end.

However, I was a little bit of my physical condition, and I think that I would like to do something that I wanted to take a break and I wanted to do it. I think that the lines that you have to hold down, such as review of the match, you have been able to hold it well.

ーーG2戦を除いて、全てマップスコア2-1という結果で勝利を収めています。 Do you think that the map team’s proficiency level is raised and the degree of proficiency of the map team is rising?

LAZ player Sometimes this stage is already an undeveloped place, and while everyone is trying to explore it. Conversely, the number of matches (maps) is fortunately, I think that the time to review the match will increase, and I wonder if it is possible to fix well through the tournament.

There was also a scene that looks like a pressure on the group stage of the tournament. Do you have a change in your best and have a change?

LAZ player has already been an undeveloped place, so I feel that the pressure to the “Wall-mounted wall (first winning), which had to be exceeded at the beginning. However, PRX was also called the same Asian region, and there was a pressure in the sense of a fight that I absolutely wanted to lose. Now I’m wiping up, I think I will relax more relax in the next battle.

ー How do you feel from the experience of “CS: GO” about the height of the degree of attention that has been trended every day. Also, what do you want to tell if you know “Valorant” or E Sports by the activity of Zeta?

The CROW player “CS: GO” era was also a member of the Asian tournament. Now I think that it is a big digge as a number, and it is great. In “Valorant”, I think that the Japanese team has not been able to win the world tournament that you can not win as soon as possible. I’m glad to be able to convey Japan’s strength.

ー XQQ coach could sit back behind the player, and how did you felt that it was able to run away quickly after the game.

I am very happy that you can see the play of the XQQ coaches nearby. I think that it is a very good thing to be able to empathize the pleasure and losing sadness. The nearness is very appreciated (laughs).

What did you cry after the game?

XQQ coach he does not remember a bit, but maybe it is “Nice!” (Laughs).

ー LAZ players were touched in Meet the Team video, with the lesser years that can be played in view of their age. How do you feel from TOP3 to the stand now?

LAZ player I want to go to the place where I can go, and I think it is still useful. However, I do not think that the player who has given the respected and aims to retire with the age, and I do not think that myself can only escape. This time, I came to the best 3 and I was a great old old-fashioned child, and my heartfelt, I came out of the fight, and I’m glad this to here.

ー Zeta is deceived as a grim reaper to defeat other areas one after another. As a minor region, please tell me the feeling of being able to win up to here.

XQQ Coach I’m pleased to be in this place as a Japanese team. And this victory seems to be the PRX and DRX that I fought today, but I think that all APAC teams have become one and the order they won.

What kind of impression do you have for Optic Gaming that will be the other party of the next match?

XQQ coach has been firmly measured, and it is a final team remaining in the NA area, so we will be cautious firmly. I am very looking forward to fighting with the team in the NA area for the first time in this tournament.

ー Public viewing was held in Japan, and every one round was taken and the fans were showing a great enthusiasm. Please give me a word to a fan with such heat.

DEP athletes really, those who are coming to the public viewing, and those who are looking at home, thank you for your support. It is powerful. If you do enthusiastic support, you will feel like you’re not working hard. Thank you very much.

Zeta Division, which has not surprised to win anymore, such a sense of security and a team that is trusted. The next match is the opponent to challenge from 2:00 am on April 24th. It takes place in BO5 (3 map forward up to 5 maps). Let’s send a cheering from Japan to “#zetawin”!

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