LAZ player “I felt a new wall “- Zeta Division, the best 3 final 3 OPTIC Warflets [interview]

“Valorant” International Convention “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavík” is held at Iceland Reykjavik.

“Zeta Division”, which participates in the Japanese tournament, will defeat the world’s leader, defeated the world’s leader and won the Lower (Loser Block) semifinals. If you win this, you can meet the NA region representative “Optic Gaming” that you can meet in the phase of the grand final.

This battle held at BO5 (3 Map Provision Up to 5 Map) on April 24th, Optic Gaming wins in Map Score 3-0.

The 1st map “Haven” is successful in making the match point first, while the pistol round is firmly turned on, and it is defeated by the round-time end and 13-15. The following 2nd map “fracture” was also tossed by a stunning setup using NEON 13-5 and defeated. There is no later Zeta, but even with the 3rd map “bind”, it does not remove from the shape of the beginning of the end, and he defeated at 13-8. Map score 0-3, it was left from Reykjavik.

We will deliver the contents of the press conference towards multiple press agencies, held to Zeta Division after such an Optic Gaming.

ー LAZ players were talked about “I felt the wall with the world” in an official delivery interview, but please tell me what kind of scene felt.

LAZ player OPTIC was really good and felt the wall. OPTIC has been fighting more from there, and from there, and from there. In addition, I felt that it was really strong in terms of fine cooperation, skill matching and shooting.

A prior research on OPTIC and the difference between the impressions of actually fighting?

LAZ player I think that it is normal to not know what impression that you do not try to fight. The information purchased firmly and the actual match was fought with the movement of the other party.

The early stage was expected as expected, but I wonder if the OPTIC side has changed successfully and I wondered how they were taking measures. I felt that I was taken measures for our measures from there.

ー Do you actually fight OPTIC, how did you feel that you should have trained in the future?

LAZ athletes I was able to experience various fighting people throughout the tournament, and I felt so much that I could not make it comparable to the domestic. While reviewing the way of fighting, it was also possible to learn about the fighting battle as well as the fighting battle. In addition, I would like to become more stronger, such as a few people who became an issue in G2 war.

ー Haven was the first strong slip, and the flow changed from the OPTIC timeout, and finally it was defeated. Do you think that what happened specifically from this timeout?

Just the XQQ coach was strong in the early stages. However, after the OPTIC’s timeout, the policy of the attack to be “Let’s do what we decided”, the whole intention unification is devoted, and it is said that the gap has been launched. I feel.

The first defeat was the first defeat in the fracture. Did OPTIC played well compared to other teams with a fracture? Also, please tell me how long the fracture’s mental recovery was d1.

XXQ Coach OPTIC has many skills that each individual can use, as a result, and it became more complicated by the area and fighting. And we were very good at studying how to do our fight and stabbing it so far. I’m sorry.

After defeat of the fracture, I felt mentally from me, “I have no choice but to do”, and I tried to lose when the next map was dropped, and I tried to lose and prepared firmly, but I received a binding (to victory) It was not.

ー 3RD What conversation was there in the team before the map before map?

LAZ Player 2 Maps also have a map that I wanted to win, and I have to drop it in two consecutive times, and I think I can only do what I can do, whether I’m going to penetrate the style, or change something. I was thinking about measures. I was talking about being hit by everyone without regret.

-I would like to visit LAZ. What impression do you have for Yay players who became a chamber confrontation in the fracture?

LAZ players really stable and felt strong, but I don’t think there, because I don’t think that I do not think that it is strong against a specific player. I really think that it is a player who is really stably applying the operator.

ー SUGARZ3RO was the first offline world tournament, but it was a team in this tournament as well as an individual as an individual. How was it look back on the entire tournament?

Sugarz3 I would like to do my best for the first time. After all (this result is) I’m sorry. I think I can grow yet, so I would like to work hard with Stage2.

ー We saw a lot of use of Zeta’s game, and there were many adoptions that will be effective for the shotgun. I didn’t see such a thing in this OPTIC game, why is it?

CROW Player is one of the ways of fighting to use at a strong location and timing, etc. This time, it is not a strategic intention that I did not have such an opportunity.

-We will ask you to XQQ coach. The “Valorant” competition scene has a high strategy, etc., and various powers have been needed, such as mental and physical strength surfaces. How do you think that you should face as a coach with an eye on the future world tournament?

XQQ Coach I think that we were very good at fighting and mental surfaces. With regard to the OPTIC war, I have a win who has surpassed our expectations and missed. I think that I should be able to spread strategic widths in the future.

-Continue to tell me the words that we put on the team when the 3rd map ended.

XQQ Coach I also had a feeling that the team is still not like this, but the feeling of winning the championship has always been, and I thought so until the last round. After finishing, I continued to play without a break so far, and I was talking about everyone who worked hard.

PRX Coach Alecks: “ZETA Division DESTROYED Our Gameplan!” | VCT Masters Press Conference

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー What is your current feeling?

I am grateful that I was proud of the XQQ Coach player, one analyst, one coach, and my work, and to come here. I regret that I could do more things, especially in the OPTIC game.

ー It will start domestic league from now on, but have you ever expected to other teams?

XQQ Coach I will look at the top from the top when I expect to the other team, but I look at our best 3 ways to this Best 3, as we have learned while watching various tournaments If it is good to do, it is possible to absorb with the cause of the cause, and think about the growth of the domestic scene, I think it is a good thing for domestic scenes.

ー We were able to leave the result of historical commitment as a Japanese tactical shooter genre. What kind of feeling is this time to return to Japan this time?

I think that Japan’s teams can be a good fight at the LAZ-player world tournament I’m strong and I want to win at Stage2.

ー Through this tournament, Japan’s fans were able to get various emotions. Please tell me the enthusiasm for the future.

Tenn players have a weak image, and while it is difficult to have high expectations, he believed and supported me to support me. Perhaps we think that we have gained the most, but I think that I have been able to experience in various ways, so I think that STAGE2 is a better team.

Zeta Division, which has been defeated without being able to get one map to Optic Gaming. It became a press conference with regret, but as a result, there is no doubt that it is the historical feat of the world best 3. LAZ players have significantly overcome the “first win” wall, and the new “World Wall” could be reached in the future of Zeta Division, also attracting attention to the trend of domestic teams that have been exposed to this. increase.

OPTIC GAMING, which broke Zeta Division, goes to the ground final that LOUD (BR representative) waits again. Do not miss it if you win the victory of Stage 1!

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