Need for Speed 2022-Leak could finally give a first look at Map and Gameplay

A new Need for Speed has been in progress for some time in criterion, handproof information about the new racing game offshoot but has been more than rare. However, a new leak now has at least a possible first insight into the game with a map of Lake Shore City and a first short insight into the gameplay.

NFS 2022 should play in fictional chicago

Already in the past, there were Leaks who claimed the new Need for Speed would play in a fictional version of Chicago, which is supposed to be called Lake Shore City. If the voices, we may now have to face the map of the game world. In a reddit leak, the alleged card is shown together with two screenshots from the game.

While the first screenshot shows a part of the city – and a building that sees the 875 North Michigan Avenue skyscrapers in Chicago pretty similar – the second is something harder to recognize. To see is here a car drifting through a tunnel and shows the UI of the game. The screenshot comes from a 7-second video, which can only be found at Discord.


Map Lake Shore City User Interface


To enjoy with caution: As the authenticity of these screenshots is currently not verified, you should of course view this leak with plenty of skepticism until there is official information about the game. So far, hardly, it is known more than that the new part is in progress and the development of the game has shifted because Criterion helped develop Battlefield 2042.

According to a report by industry insider Jeff Grubb, the new Need for Speed is said to be quite different than previous parts and include anime elements:

NEED FOR SPEED 2022 LEAKS - Map, Screenshot & Gameplay
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According to Grubb, the autolog function should also return, with which you want to transfer in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit about multiplayer races and compare highscores. Should his info be right, the new NFS is supposed to appear in the fall of 2022, but then only a release for current-gene consoles, so PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, get.

What do you say about the leaks? Would you commit the game world?

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