Diablo Immortal launched simultaneously with the PC version on June 3

After the first disclosure, the development and testing of a long period of time Diablo Emo will finally open the statement of the sanctuary and the player.

Blizzard released the official release date of Diablo Emoto through official broadcasting on the 25th. The game that is released as iOS and Android platform comes to the 3rd players on June 3.

On this day, Diablo Emoto’s PC client support was surprised. The PC client provided is simultaneously serviced with a beta version with the release of the mobile version. This allows the PC version and the mobile version of the progress, cross-play.

When the player connects to the PC client after logging out in the Diablo Emo Mobile version, the player can play the game immediately in the place to enjoy on the mobile. In addition, both PC users and mobile users play games on the same server, and all iOS, Android, and PC players can all hunting the devil in one world, and grown the character.

The PC client is a beta version, unlike the full-service mobile version, which is for improvement of UI or UX. Precautions Provide the same experience as mobile, sharing and game play.

Diablo Immortal - Official Release Date and PC Announcement Trailer

Diablo Emortal has emphasized the play experience according to the manual battle. Therefore, the touch control part was concerned and supports the game controller operation. In addition, in the PC version, you can enjoy the game controller manipulation as well as the existing diablock using the keyboard and mouse. You can also use WASD as a moving key for the first time in a diablogic game.

Meanwhile, Mike Ivara Blizzard Entertainment, said, “We will be able to kill the devils of the Burning Hell,” said Mike Ivara Blizzard Entertainment, “said Bishop,” said Blegal, “Diablo’s most expensive Diablo Mother’s Diablo Mother, In addition, it was important to provide a work that appreciates the reputation of the Diablo series as a result of the first Blizzard game, which was planned for mobile for mobile. We have a lot of feedback, I am glad to be able to introduce them. I look forward to seeing you in the sanctuary with the release of this magnificent new work in the Diablo series.

Diablo Franchise is the first MMO game and to strengthen social function, and find more game fans with mobile and PC, and find more game fans on the market, which is officially released with localization, including Korean dubbing on June 3, June 3.

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