Elden Ring: A Speedrunner ends the game in less than 6 minutes and signs an almost unattainable record

Lowering his own Speedrun records as he advances, he has been Seeker who has just been taken by the prize. With a record of anything else and nothing less than 5: 58 minutes . How did the player saved almost 1 minute in his final time? Is it possible to go beyond ? Let’s analyze a little Speedrun to see if it is really possible to improve the score or if a very difficult “limit” has finally been established.

(World Record) Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 5:58 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 6 MINUTES)

SpeedRuns History No Any Restrictions

For those uninitiated in the world of Speedrunning, the category “ Any% Unrestricted ” is the most permissive , therefore generally the most spectacular but also the one that best final results gives. In short, players can explode all the native systems and game failures to advance faster, and the only thing that matters is reach the end screen of the game , no matter how fast it is completed And the times you die.

In summary, everything is allowed except cheating, including skipping missions, including those in the main story. Players, therefore, have a huge open field in this category that offers us a quality entertainment. When you see the level of players capable of exploiting the slightest interaction to advance faster, you understand that this is a true discipline .

Until recently, the player of distortion2 was Elden Ring’s teacher. First player to pass less than 30 minutes , he then perfected him’s career to finish the game in less than 7 minutes. However, he had been caught by the French player Seeker I had the new record at 6:46 minutes. The Speedrunner then decided to fall even more pointing at 6:30 , as explained in his last video , but when trying to reach this level, he achieved an incredible part that will have allowed him to cross a new stage I did not expect: less than 6 minutes. The final score of it validated from it: 358 seconds, or 5:58 minutes .

What is the next step?

What is important to understand is that, although there are obviously technical limits for the Speedrun of the game, they have not yet been reached. Humans are currently the limiting factor , and when Seeker explains the technique of it to perform the speedruns, we understand why. He uses the same trick as almost the entire community of Elden Ring realizes, known as “ Zipping “. In the comments of the last video of him, he explains what it is about:

Therefore, to improve your score, you need a perfect knowledge of the game and its _timings _ , as well as almost superhuman reflections to be able to exploit them to the fullest. We can also see clearly in the video that you can not always can shoot the zip perfectly, so we can conclude that, technically, the perfect Run has not yet occurred. It is here when, as if it were the treasure of One Piece, the most experienced _speedrunners will seek that perfection worthy of the best players in the world.

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