Fortnite Target Designator Locations: Where you set up laser target markings to help loopers focus on fire

The resistance quests of the 6th week are now in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, Live, and the last challenge of this week requires that players set up laser target designers to help loops focus on fire. This is a relatively uncomplicated search that continues the history of war between the IO and the seven that fought for control over the island during this season. You have to place 3 laser target markings to complete this challenge, and there are only 3 places where you can do so. Fortunately, all 3 points are in the same general area so that you can do this quest in a game. Here you can find out where you can set up laser target designers in Fortnite.

where you set up laser target designers in Fortnite

In the northwestern section of the card there are 3 laser target markings. You can be found in the following places:

along the street north of Command Cavern *
at the campsite south of the fortress
on the banks of the Loot Lake west of Coney Crossroads.

You can also see your locations on the map below.

As soon as you have arrived at the specified places, you will see a outline of the laser target designers where you should place them. Everything you have to do is approach and interact with you to place you. As soon as you have set up all 3, complete the quest and earn 23,000 XP for the Battle Pass from Chapter 3, season 2.

This week there are many other quests to take care of, e.g. B. securing a dead drop or setting up reconnaissance cameras. After completing this challenge, there is still a lot to do. In addition, the next set of omni chips has been published on the island, so you can collect it to further adapt the special pointed hacke this season. You can also not forget the ProWler quests that unlock Marvel’s fan favorite character after completion.

Set Up Laser Target Designators to Help Loopers Focus Fire Locations - Fortnite
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