RPG Makers latest work “RPG Maker Unite” is clear at a glance. Manage the flowchart type with “Outline Editor”

Gotcha Gotcha Games released the latest information on “ RPG Maker Unite ” on April 28. Equipped with an outline editor as a new function. The whole game can be overlooked, making it easier to grasp and manage projects.

“RPG Maker Unite” is the latest work of the RPG production software RPG Maker (RPG Maker) series that has been developed for PC/home use. The conventional RPG Maker series was a game production software that runs on standal1. “RPG Maker Unite”, on the other hand, is an RPG Maker that runs on the game engine Unity. Native output to mobile apps is possible, supporting full HD resolution. In addition to making maps in which objects are placed on a large background, the work efficiency has been improved by the renewal of UI/UX. It is a new RPG Maker that introduced a large number of new functions.

In this announcement, an outline editor was announced as a new function of “RPG Maker Unity”. The outline editor of this work is a function that makes the overall picture of the game under production and visualize. Connect the chapters and sections in the editor by line and display it like a flowchart. By visualizing the connection between scenes, it is easier to manage projects with RPG Maker al1. The map you want to edit is also easier to find, making it possible to create more efficient games than before. The outline editor also has a memo function. Click on the node of each map to provide notes about maps and chapters. In normal game development, the flow of the story is often managed by cover -on -method software, but it is also claimed that all the outline editors can complete this work alone.

In the development diary, answers to questions received in Q & A format were also published this time. According to the answer, the RPG Maker Unite does not have plug -in functions in the past Maker series at this time. The functions that easily share the modification of other users will be considered by looking at the user’s reaction after the release. Instead, if you know the programming language C#, you can modify the RPG Maker Unite by editing the code. It seems that it is okay to share the remodeling method in the community. In addition, although the material specifications of RPG Maker Unite are not solidified at present, production is being promoted to release from the end of June to July.

“RPG Maker Unite” will be released in 2022 on PC (Steam/Unity Asset Store). At the time of release, it supports Japanese/English/Chinese, and is under consideration for other languages.

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