How to use maps in the Robloox Anime Dimension Simulator

Maps are special items in Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator, which provide your main character with such privileges as additional indicators of attack and health. You can get cards by cleaning the measurements or buying them in a store. After purchasing a card, you can use them by equipping them on your main character through option of a bag . Any player can attach in total three cards to their character.

How to update the cards in the simulator of the measurement anime?

You can update your cards using gold through a bag with an inventory. Improvement maps can increase the main characteristic and unlock additional characteristics. The number of additional characteristics depends on the type of maps.

Various types of cards in the simulator of anime sizes

In the simulator Anime Dimensions Simulator there are four types of cards.

Valuable/Good cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

The card can be considered valuable in Anime Dimensions Simulator if it has a high level and several additional characteristics.

How to get good cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator

How To Level FAST In Anime Dimensions! - Tips and Tricks

To get good cards in Anime Dimensions Simulator, you must play and finish higher dimensions. For example, in any complex mode, you will receive cards of the 36th level, while in any mode of lower complexity a 16th level card will fall.

In addition to cleaning measurements, you can also play Boss Rush to get good cards. You can easily get mythical card Tobusiko in the Boss Rush store.

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