In Diablo II: Resurrected the first rating season has begun

Finally, the first rating season began in Diablo II: Resurrected. For this, Blizzard needed seven months after the game. Due to regular problems arising, the developers postponed this functionality over and over again, but now the servers work stably, which means that time has come.

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Several modes are available to players:

  • Classic rating – the usual mode of the rating game, which includes four acts of the campaign.

  • Heroic rating – hardcore passage of the four acts of the campaign.
  • The rating mode with additions is the usual mode of the rating game, including the passage of the five acts of the campaign, including the Lord of Destruption supplement content.
  • Heroic rating with complementing – the mode of rating game with one life, including the passage of five acts of the campaign, including the content of the Lord of Destruption additions.

The developers have emphasized that a certain Diablo II content: Resurrected will be available only in rating modes. At the end of the season, your heroes created for the rating regime will become ordinary characters, retaining all unique objects in their equipment. And in order to get items from the general cache of the rating game for the usual mode, you will have to wait for the beginning of the third season.

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