[Concall] Odin enters the next region within the year… Umamusmes launch date

[Kakao Games Park Ye -jin reporter] Kakao Games, CEO of Kakao Games, said on the 3rd of 2022 that Odin is aiming to expand its global global expansion in the first quarter earnings conference call.

Mr. Cho said, “I have confidence in global success in Taiwan, and we aim to draw more than schedules.”

He then mentioned that he will soon announce the launch of Umamus Me. Mr. Cho said, “After the performance announcement, there will be an event that will release the launch soon.”

He added, “We have maintained high results in Japan for more than a year, so we are looking forward to entering the third place in Korea.”

Kakao Games sees Umamusme’s target audience as the entire two -dimensional (subculture) users. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its marketing from the first two -dimensional users to expand the user in a wider range of users based on the scalability of the game concept and graphics.

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