Oysterus, Virtual Human Development that reads people with AI

[Project MSM Moon Young -soo] Won Universe (representative Min Yong -jae, Ko Se -jun) unveiled the teaser site of Virtual Human ‘Project MSM’ on the 4th.

Project MSM is a meta bus content under development by Yun Universe, which has VR content development and service know -how. The company explained that it is a second -generation Virtual Human, who reads users’ feelings with artificial intelligence (AI) beyond just graphic effects.

Users can produce AI Virtual Human, which reflects their tastes through the teaser site. You can create your own virtual humans who can interact with yourself by entering a variety of elements such as blood type, family composition, family environment, hobbies, favorite colors, education levels, jobs, things you like, and avoiding them.

In addition, my own virtual human beings can be used in various ways, including the methus platform of the Won Universe, as well as Virtual YouTuber.

[Virtual Human] Conversation between AI Human and AI Human(Airport)

To this end, the company first started development from its own character engine ‘MSM Maker’, which can be used in various fields. It will support the characters produced through the MSM maker to be used in various areas and expand into a meta bus platform that encompasses the VR and mobile platform.

In addition, the company plans to build a blockchain ecosystem that uses NFT (replacement token) to guarantee the uniqueness of each character, such as Exnine Pinity, and transactions between users.

In addition, Virtual Human character, born through the project MSM, is equipped with deep learning AI that reflects user tastes to provide more than just chatbot characters.

Park Sang -ho, Won Universe PD, said, “We have begun to develop project MSM in earnest by utilizing the unique strength of Won Universe.” I will go out. ”

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