Best Minecraft server (May 2022)

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_ Minecraft _ Again and again flourishes with players who always dare into the worlds it offers. Of course, many players choose to spend a large part of their time within the game on various servers created by players who are tailored to certain interests of the community. Due to the sheer number of servers offered; It can initially be discouraging to find out which server you should start with and which servers are actually the best you should try. This article lists some of the best on minecraft server that you can experience at the moment.

the best Minecraft servers to play

It is time to dive into the beating heart of Minecraft server and even try new servers that you may never have played before. All of these tips will surely be worth your time and you are as follows:

  • Hypixel
  • Mineplex
  • Pirateecraft
  • Cubecraft
  • Fallen kingdom

Read on to learn more about each of the servers listed.


Hypixel is one of the most popular Minecraft servers and with its extensive player base there are many modes that you can play through. Regardless of whether you want PvP or PVE, this server has everything you need to spoil yourself with the diverse range of commons Minecraft Modi, who are happy to enjoy players. From Skyblock to the creation of mini-games, you can immerse yourself in the blooming atmosphere of one of the largest Minecraft servers.

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Next comes Mineplex and if you bring together an MMO and Minecraft, this server is certainly what you would get. Thousands of players can be in the world for this server at the same time and there are countless modes and things in which you can take part in the countries. There is even something that can be seen as a replica of Mario Kart in Minecraft, so regardless of whether you just want to explore the world or chop a few routes. This will certainly offer you many options.

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With all the frequent updates that get minecraft, the server will surely grow with new players for a long time.


Do you like the open sea? Do you like pirate ships? If you have answered one of these questions with yes, you will undoubtedly like the PirateCraft server that offers you the opportunity to build ships, sail and even participate in fighting with other players through the ships. Of course, you can also explore islands on land, so if you always wanted to live a pirate’s life in Minecraft, then this server will enable you.


Cubecraft has a number of modes on offer, similar to hypixel, but Cubecraft is usually known for its great parkour cards through which they can work through. If you are looking for a server that offers a cozy atmosphere with carefully developed modes and experiences, then this server is great to experience. Try the parkour cards and enjoy everything it has to offer.

fallen kingdom

Falls Kingdom will put back into the Middle Ages due to this server -based conquest of areas in the world and of course you can work with other players. You can be a king or queen and lead many adventures with others through the countries. Breathtaking castles are waiting to be observed by them and it is their time to thrive in this world. All of these servers can offer you the same pleasure as mods.

Now that you know more about all the key servers listed, you can immerse yourself Minecraft today and try it out if you like the sound.

_ Minecraft _ is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, mobile devices and many other platforms.

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