Bandai Namco, Elden Ring and the new work and play the Play Expo

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Nunnan) announced that it will participate in the 2022 Play Expo, which will be held at Goyang KINTEX 2nd exhibition from May 12 to May 15.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea decided to participate in the 2022 Play Expo, the largest game show in the metropolitan area, held at the Goyang KINTEX 2nd exhibition hall for four days from May 12 to May 15. He will participate in Rulicon, where you can meet the contents of various household console games in one place, and will visit game fans through offline exhibition booths and online streaming with abundant attractions.

ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea was the first to be held in the offline booth of ‘Rulicon’ in this special exhibition of ‘Elden Ring’, which was limited to the media due to social distance measures at the end of February. Open to the general audience.

In this exhibition, it was born through a special illustration as well as a collaboration with creators, as well as special illustrations, which are introduced through collaboration with famous illustrators in Korea, in a space decorated with the theme of ‘Land of Niche’, which is the background of the Elden Ring. ▲ You can enjoy the ‘Monarch’s Job Sword’ Replica, ▲ Tekken Alexander Diorama ‘and ▲ Malenia -Michela’s sword.

In addition, the online streaming of ‘Rulicon’ can also meet the contents of Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea. The online streaming starts at 10 pm on May 14 (Sat), and ‘Elden Ring’, which is being released, and ‘Jojo’s strange adventure All -Star Battle R’, ‘Digimon Survive’, The special corner of Chronoa 1 & 2 Adventure will be broadcast.

In the Elden Ring corner, the popular streamer ‘Dad King’ appears to challenge the time attack boss. Through the boss battle, he will introduce his own play tips and strategy. In addition, ‘Jojo’s strange adventure All -Star Battle R’, ‘Digimon Survive’, ‘The Beginning of Chronoa 1 & 2 Adventure’ corner, introduction of the work, special message of producers for Korean fans, and Korean version play video, etc. You can check various information.

In commemoration of Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea’s “Rulicon” online streaming broadcast, the event was opened on the KakaoTalk channel. After watching the online streaming on the day of the broadcast, shooting a certification shot and sending them to the episode of the event page will complete the participation. The lottery will be presented with a special T -shirt (50 people), a chicken set (20) and a coffee (100 people) gifticons.

‘2022 Play Expo’ is the largest convergence and complex game show hosted by Gyeonggi -do, and announced offline in three years. In addition to new exhibitions and experiences of domestic and foreign game companies, we operate programs such as esports competitions and cosplay events. The event will be held in the 6-8th Hall of KINTEX 2nd Exhibition Hall for 4 days from May 12 to May 15, 2022, and will be broadcast through the Twitch ‘Play Expo TV’ channel.

More information can be found on the official website and the official blog of Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea.

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