EA makes you serious: FIFA is no longer called FIFA

It has been in the room for a long time, now it is probably officially: publisher Electronic Arts is named its most successful brand. What does this mean for the often controversial but for years established series?

EA wants to break new ground with FIFA

???? BREAKING: EA confirm they will no longer make FIFA video games
In a blog post, Cam Weber, his sign Executive Vice President of Group GM EA Sports & Racing, speaks up. He is aimed at 150 million fans worldwide and writes:

“From next year, EA Sports FC will be the future of EA Sports football. On the side of our more than 300 license partners in this area, we are ready to bring the global football experience to new altitude, in the interest of all football fans on the the whole world.” (Source: EA.com)

In further full -bodied words, Weber describes that the content with all modes, leagues, tournaments, clubs and the well -known athletes should not change. This also applies to Ultimate Team, the career mode, Pro Clubs and Volta, together with the more than 19,000 players, over 700 teams, the numerous stadiums and 30 leagues.

What changes now? Quite simply: first of all the name. FIFA will become EA Sports FC. But why only in a year? Weber explains this as follows:

“… with our current name rights partner, namely FIFA, we will deliver our most extensive game for another year. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the next FIFA will be our best FIFA, with even more features, game modes, World- Cup content, clubs, lie […] than any other FIFA before. “

If one omits the unnecessary words and the pure assumptions that this decision would be implemented in the interest of all football fans around the world, the fact that the cooperation with FIFA has probably found a final point here. It remains to be seen whether the reason for this is the well -being of the player.

FIFA and EA: The end of a romance?

None of it is that surprisingly. Already in autumn last year, EA showed that a name change is being considered. The basis for this consideration was probably the fact that FIFA wanted to have significantly more money to continue the name in the game title than before, namely one billion US dollars . And the Pro World Cup cycle that includes four years. The ten -year contract that regulates the right of use expires this year. (Source: New York Times)

It was searched for an agreement, but for two years the two parties have not moved a satisfactory step for both sides. On the one hand, the detachment from FIFA will surely enable new freedom for EA, on the other hand it is questionable how exactly the expensive and powerful licenses will be handled in the future. We will keep you definitely up-to-date.

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