Games Aktuell Podcast 716: F1 22, Songs of Conquest, King Arthur: Knights Tale

Everything new in Formula 1. Under this motto, you will probably also have to look at the upcoming F1 2022. Codemasters’ racing game is the first in the series to be created entirely under the new ownership of Electronic Arts. Maci had the opportunity to take a look at the result and therefore tells us about the changes, his concerns and what Formula 1 fans can still look forward to. Then we embark on the mythical world of the Königartus saga. With King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Chris tested a tactical role -playing game that was able to surprise positively. Fun fights, a dark atmosphere and good gameplay result in a successful overall package. Songs of Conquest is also very promising. The indie game in the style of the time-honored “Heroes of Might and Magic” series started in the early access and was thoroughly examined by Matthias. In the podcast, he reports accordingly about the great potential of the game. As always, the whole thing is rounded off with your community contributions.

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Topics of the GA-Podcast episode 716: ****

00:00:00 – Intro and on your own behalf
00:07:45 – Newsflash
00:19:30 – F1 22
00:45:12 – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale
01:08:24 – Songs of Conquest
01:26:10 – Community contributions

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King Arthur Knight's Tale - обзор и прохождение новой тактической РПГ #1
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