PS4/PS5/Switch “Alice Gear Eigis CS” also has a mode for one person. 3D match action with individual stories for 22 people

Mages. On May 14, it released the latest information on “ Alice Gear Iigis CS -Concert of Simulatrix ~ ” (hereinafter Alice Gear Iigis CS). In addition to the match, this work is equipped with a story mode for each character. Unlike the app version, it seems that anyone can equip anyone with a dedicated gear.

“Alice Gear Iigis CS” is a 3D match action game for console of the 3D action STG for smartphones, Alice Gear Iigis. On the stage of the film, a mysterious mechanical life form of Weiss appeared at the end of the 21st century, and human beings were forced to escape from the earth. While wandering over the galaxy of Weiss, Alice in all -ies artificial intelligence discovered an emission. The war situation changes completely by girls with emission abilities, called Actress, and peace comes. The main part of “Alice Gear Iigis” depicts the battle between Actress and Weiss from the viewpoint of the captain belonging to the Narukosaka Seisakusho.

Alice Gear Iigis CS, the console version, has developed a battle between Actresses using the mock combat simulation system “CS” in accordance with the request for cooperation in the demonstration experiment received from Aegis. Actresses seem to be participating in some tournaments. In the story mode for one person, the story of each selected actless is developed. By choosing a hexagonal square placed on the map, one -on -one individual battles and group battles occur. It is said that there are some squares that can get items, such as accessories. The play time per character is about 2 hours. The story is a full voice, and the original story of this work is drawn.

In the battle, the player operates the actless and fights on the stage expressed in 3D. The system includes a roll step that can be used to cut the shooting, any vertical movement, a red gauge that can be recovered by guarding and a copy. The gear is also equipped with a charge attack, etc., so you can develop different properties depending on the charge. It seems that control of the situation is also important, such as limiting the opponent’s movements with the attacks on the field. In the battle mode, one -on -one, three -to -three fighting while changing characters, and battle royals between enemies are introduced. It supports up to six multiplayer.

In addition, this work has more than 200 gears and more than 100 costumes and accessories. As in the application version, the Actresses are equipped with four kinds of gears: shot gear (fire equipment)/cross gear (proximity equipment)/tops gear/bottoms gear, and can be customized. In the app version, the dedicated gears for each actless could only be equipped with that character, but in this work they can be equipped with other characters as general gears. Some gears support the paint function, and you can customize the actress into your favorite parts and colors. In paint -related, there is also a function to apply the color of each actless in a lump and a customized color storage function.

“Alice Gear Iigis CS” will be released on September 8 for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Nintendo Switch. The regular version is 8580 yen including tax, and the download version is 7480 yen including tax. The limited edition costs 25,080 yen, with a megami device “Azuma Kaede/Akira Kagami Water CS” and a Megami device “Kanashiya Citara/Baratara CS”. Each dealer also offers store benefits. Alice Gear Iigis is also being distributed for iOS/Android.

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