The 8th anniversary of Summers War continues! Lucky box event

Com2us (CEO Jae -jun Song, Lee Joo -hwan) will hold a lucky box event to commemorate the 8th anniversary of the global hit, Summers War: The Arena of the Heaven.

The lucky box event is the third event to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Summers War. From last month, you can enjoy various items by enjoying various commemorative events that will be held in the series.

The event will be able to participate by enjoying the “Summers War” combat content, including scenarios, Kairos Dungeons, Lee’s gaps, and dimension halls until May 31. After completing the mission given every day, you can get the key and open the lucky box to obtain various rewards.

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The key can be obtained up to three daily. One key, you can open one box of lucky boxes, and you will be given an opportunity to get a variety of rewards such as soft stone, 6 -star legendary rune, and legendary grade artifacts.

In particular, with the meaning of the 8th anniversary, every time the number of lucky boxes is 8 times, special rewards are provided to the user. You can see various benefits, including the 8th Anniversary Coin, Light and Dark Summoning, and Legendary Exhibition Summoning for the first time in the event. The remaining keys can be exchanged with mana seats with all the lucky boxes.

Meanwhile, in commemoration of the 8th anniversary of the launch of ‘Summers War’, Com2us has held a variety of events that offer play fun and offer rich benefits such as ‘8th Anniversary Coin Store Event’ and ‘8th Anniversary Monster Summoning Event’. I do it.

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