How to activate the Easter egg Godzilla Teddy on Station in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6

With season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare comes some new multiplayer cards, including the Map of Station shootings. As usual with Call of Duty cards in recent years, there is always a secret or a hidden Easter egg somewhere. Players participate in personalized games, filming everything on the card for hours to try to find out how to activate something. Well, it raises a giant plush bear from the ground then being killed by an air strike.


You can do it with any loading of the game. The pistol you use does not matter. However, if you use a firearm with a small charger and small ammunition, you will have to commit suicide or ask your friend to kill you several times to recover ammunition. The simplest way is to use 2 LMG.

  1. M91 with the 150 shots charger
  2. PKM with the 200 shots charger
  3. Overkill so that you can use these two weapons

Nothing else in your loading really matters, and as mentioned above, either the weapons. Although it is the easiest way to finish the Easter egg without killing you several times and recharging even more. The plates you need to shoot takes a lot of damage to destroy.

Step 1 – shoot on the plates

On the outside wall of the station (the building is yellow), you will find white plates of different shapes hanging on the wall as if they were decorations. Pull all of them until they are destroyed. It will take a little ammunition and is the reason why the LMG, so be ready to spend a few minutes. There are six plates in total.

Step 2 – Get the code

There should be a total of six plates that you draw from the wall, but only five have a number below. The sixth has a keyboard below, to which we will come back in a second. Ignore the keyboard for the moment and, facing the building, read the figures from left to right. Note the numbers, take a photo or just remember it. You may have guessed what you need to do next.

Step 3 – Enter the code

Modern Warfare GODZILLA TEDDY BEAR Easter Egg Guide on Station! (Modern Warfare Easter Egg Season 6)
Go to the keyboard that you forgot and enter the code by pulling the numbers in the right order. Again, from left to right on the wall, read the numbers, then pull the numbers on the keyboard in this order. If you use an LMG as indicated, be sure to draw only one ball at a time, because hitting the wrong figures will reset the code.

Step 4-Turn around

As soon as the code has entered, you will start to hear a sound. Turn to cope with the opposite direction of the building on which you have just entered the code. It is recommended to jump into the wagons in front of you. If you have followed the steps well, you will see a giant bear “Godzilla Teddy” fall from the sky and land on the ground in the distance. You will just see his eyes shiny for a second, then once the dust falls back, you will see the teddy bear move a little and make a strong noise, then be killed by a few planes. They let go of bombs and fly away, and the teddy bear falls into the ground.

There were four new multiplayer cards introduced in season 6 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, could there be three other Easter eggs to find?

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