Smilegate Mega Port, GGC Green Friendship Agreement with Gyeongconjin

[Con Jin Moon Young -soo] Smilegate Mega Port (CEO Jang In -ah) is a ‘GGC Green Friendship’ business agreement to foster the game development ecosystem with the Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Se -hee, Kyung Con Jin) and to solve the polarization of the game industry. It was announced on the 23rd that it signed.

GGC Green Friendship is a campaign to encourage large -scale game companies to participate in various public businesses, which are promoted by the Gyeonggi Global Game Center (GGC) to support promising small and medium -sized game developers. Large companies participating in the campaign are invited to mentors or consultants or support for industry networking.

GGC Green Friendship provides management know -how to outstanding small and medium -sized game companies through these opportunities, or investing and publishing activities. In particular, the company plans to participate in the game industry audition, the Gyeonggi Game Academy, which is a representative talent training project operated by Kyungconjin, to foster the talent in the game industry and expand the base of game development.

Kim Young -jin, director of Smilegate Mega Port, said, “It is an honor to be able to participate in a meaningful agreement between Gyeongconjin and the game industry for the development and win -win of the game industry.” I will help and find excellent small and medium -sized game companies. ”

Min Se -hee, director of the Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency, said, “This agreement seems to have a meaningful opportunity for the game industry to develop the same meaning for the development and win -win of the game industry.” The contractor will work hard. ”

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