The best assembly of Ylan Genshin Impact: weapons, artifacts and much more!

Genshin Impact is an incredible game in which new characters appear every few months. Elan is a five -star Hydro user, which can be included in various commands. However, before you start to attack Elan, you need to find out which artifacts to equip it and which team compositions should be placed in.

Best Weapon for Ylan

Elan can be launched both as DPS and as a HYDRO support user, depending on how you build it and what your team needs. Like most five -star characters, it is produced along with a weapon specially created for it.

* Aqua Simulakra : Elan receives a 16 percent growth to his health and 20 percent growth of damage when located next to enemies.

As a replacement, you can find that unearthed onions works well with Elan, since it provides a 24 percent increase in the skill of elements and explosive damage.

Best Artifacts for Ylan

The sets of artifacts for Elan seem to be the best when they are focused on strengthening its explosive or hydraulic tutorials. There are three sets that are best suited.

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The nobility obliges *: this gives Elan a 20 percent increase in its explosive damage and a 20 percent increase in the group’s attack when it uses its buff for twelve seconds.
The heart of the depth : this increases the damage from hydraulic ylan by 15 percent and gives both its usual and charged attacks an increase in damage by 30 percent for 15 seconds after using its skill.
The emblem of a torn fate : reloading of Yelan’s energy increases by 20 percent, and the damage from a spontaneous explosion increases 25 percent of its reloading of energy.

Of course, you will most likely go to Noblesse OBLIGE, if you need to support YELAN, while Heart of Depth and Emblem of SEVERED FATE are better suited for assembly DPS.

The best teammates for Ylan

Elan can actually be included in various teams due to its ability to apply hydraulic to opponents. When playing with Yelan as a fighter, keep in mind that you will not approach enemies, so allies such as Burst Sianlin and Kai, may not suit you. Here are a few examples of characters that can work well with DPS YELAN:

  • Fishl
  • Bennett
  • Raiden shogun
  • Ganyu

Here are the characters with whom Elan can work as support:

  • Hu Tao
  • Yula
  • Xiao
  • Ayaka

Ideally, you want to work to support DPS, for example hu Tao or have symbols such as fishle which can cause elemental damage outside the field at a distance.

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