Starfield has been the delayed to 2023 for Xbox and PC

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One of the most important news of the year in the world of video games has been the delay of Starfield, one of the most anticipated games of the year for Xbox and PC, which will finally go to 2023. It is the project that Bethesda has been working on for years working, and although it hurts that we have to wait, the important thing is that it goes well, and we do not have another Cyberpunk 2077 case in the sector.

Reports arrive that, although they are not official, speak of development hell on Starfield. They have been posted on the Resetera forums from anonymous sources. We cannot guarantee the integrity of the data that we will tell you, but we are going to take them into account as more than possible causes of their delay.

According to this information that we insist, we are going to take with tweezers, and it seems that there are problems with the flight system in the game and that the graphics engine used is just a marketing slogan. In addition, we can read some harsh statements from the source that has leaked all this: The toolset is rusty, and content developers are sick of it. Building games on garbage tools make garbage games.

On the other hand, it adds two curious details that since Fallout 76 was released, the teams have been focused on support and content for its multiplayer proposal and not on new games, which shows that the development of Starfield does not take so long as we thought.

Also, until Xbox purchased Bethesda, the game was being developed for other systems, such as the PlayStation. So, in this way, it confirms that initially, the idea was that it be cross-platform and that, by ceasing to be, some work was taken away from the team to only focus on one system.

These sound like reliable statements, but we’re going to keep them in the spotlight until we know more. Starfield, at the moment, does not have a release date.

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