I did not know that Kingdom Hearts 4, an English version of Gofy voice actor, Kingdom Hearts 4, under development. Announcement that was a full -fledged pitch in Japan

Bill Farmer, the English version of Disney Character Gofy, responded to an interview with Gameluster overseas at MOMOCON 2022. In it, he announced at the event venue that he had known at the same time as the user. Gofy English voice actors seemed to have been focused on the country so much that they did not know that the new work was running. The gamer reports.

“Kingdom Hearts IV” is the latest work of “Kingdom Hearts” series. The main character is Sora. Sora wakes up in the world of “Quad Latum”, similar to modern Tokyo. Sora seems to return to her original world. The game is developed using Unreal Engine 5. In addition, the dark seeker edition drawn up to “Kingdom Hearts III” will end, and the Lost Master will be developed in the new work.

In the announcement video, Donald and Goofy appeared in the last scene. He seems to be looking for Sora in the underworld, and is searching for the darkness using torch. There is also a scene where Hades seems to be stopped and screams. There are few lines for both Donald and Goofy. However, this line has not been dubbed in English even in overseas trailers. Therefore, Bill Farmer did not seem to know the existence of Kingdom Hearts IV, despite the voice actor of Goofy. He said at the event of the show, he knew his existence at the same time as the user.

In the first place, the announcement format of “Kingdom Hearts IV” was quite special for its large title. Recently, large games are becoming more common at events with many simultaneous connection viewers, such as the Game Awards, Nintendo Direct, State of Play, Xbox live distribution and their own live distribution. It’s a big event, and it’s the aim of getting more people to see it.

On the other hand, “Kingdom Hearts IV” was unveiled at “Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary”. This event celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series, and is a completely closed event that only those who won the lottery at Shibuya Hikarie will enter. It is an extremely closed show that is limited to Japan and only to be released to specific people. Although the trailer was later released in Japan, the trailer of “Kingdom Hearts IV” alone was not released, it was set with other smartphone games video, and as mentioned above, the overseas trailer is English. There is no dubbing of characters containing Goofy only with subtitles, and it is a very special show.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Trailer

“Kingdom Hearts” is a popular IP worldwide, but the fact that you are still focusing on Japan so far would want to be even more popular in Japan. It is an approach that seems to be Tetsuya Nomura who values existing fans anyway. There are cases where new game information is leaked from voice actors, so it may be appropriate to judge that if you do not need information, you will not be given. Nevertheless, it is an interesting example that the announcement of “Kingdom Hearts IV” was particularly facing the country.

However, in the future, we will develop globally information. It seems that it will still take some time to follow up, but fans around the world must be paying attention to what kind of work will be Kingdom Hearts IV.

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