Best PVP class for Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal first transfers a familiar Diablo gameplay to mobile devices. Those who are familiar with the Diablo series will recognize many elements of the game, and beginners will be able to test it for the first time. Regardless of your level of skills, if you are interested in PVP, you may be interested in which PVP classes are the best in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal has six different classes to choose from, some of which succeed in PVE, while others in PVP. Here are recommendations for the best Diablo Immortal PVP classes.

Best PVP classes in Diablo Immortal


how to play for Varvara

When it comes to damage, a barbarian is one of the best classes. Playing for Barbara, you will be on the front line using your high damage and strength to destroy other classes. Immortal rage the ability is phenomenal, since it prevents your death, and also ensures healing.

The barbarian can also use sprint the ability to increase its speed and prevent a decrease in the ability to move. This allows Barbar to pursue escaping enemies or reduce the distance to attack long-range classes.


how to play for a crusader

Although the crusader is excellent in PVE, it is also an excellent PVP class. The high vitality of the crusader and his positive skills make him an invaluable fighter on the front line. Their ability search for , stun and also stun enemies make them excellent when finishing the wounded players.

Their ability, draw and a quarter , can be used both in the offensive and in defense. This is what makes them so experienced in PVP, since they can perform many different roles, and not to hide on 1. Therefore, despite the fact that they can be damaged by a barbar or reinforced by a monk, their versatility should be added to your team.


how to play for a monk

Thanks to its mobility , buffs and also holding back the crowd , the monk is one of the best classes for PVP. One of the most powerful skills of the monk is a seven-sided blow , as this makes you impossible to become a goal when performing seven attacks. This can be used to avoid explosive damage from your opponents.

In addition, his Zen shield provides immunity to the ability to control the crowd of the opposite command. Finally, the monk’s ability to evade attacks and support his team by Buffs makes him one of the most valuable members of the team.

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