Piccoro stars a new Dragon Ball Super television spot: Super Hero

Japan cinemas are already eating Ansías right now, since within a couple of weeks it will be released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, tape that had to be delayed due to some problems of toei animation. And while the weeks spend, a new television spot has been released where the character of Piccoro is the protagonist.

In the video you can see videl ask for a namekusei, which consists of giving an important message to Gohan, who is currently very busy with work and studies. In addition, we can see the former villain interact for the first time with what seems to be a smartphone, something that will make funny the greatest followers of the series.

Here it is:


Another element that attracts attention in this television spot of Dragon ball super: super hero, is that you can see the place where piccoro _, being quite similar to the namekusei of The first chapters of Z . To this is added that the character has a main bond with the family, that means that he could also be bread in the future.

In news related to Dragon Ball. The creator of the series explains why he is giving such an important role to Gohan in the film, because this character had been left in the shadow for a long time. If you want to know more about this interesting statement, we invite you to click on the following link to consult it.

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