Diablo Immortal Guides Before the Game Started

Finally, the time has come. A new Diablo lets the gates of the burning hells open again, and long-established Diablo fans and newcomers explore Sanctuary once more. Diablo Immortal isn’t quite as extensive as Diablo 3 in terms of the amount of gear and skills available, but it does offer new mechanics that need to be learned first. In our beginner’s guide, we give you valuable tips, some of which we had to learn the painful way ourselves.

Use the Codex and complete daily quests.
The easiest and, at the same time, most time-effective way to get materials in Diablo Immortal is through the daily rewards in the shop. But the reward for killing the first opponent of the day is also impressive.

Of course, these rewards won’t be enough to satisfy your hunger for progression, and that’s where the Codex comes in. It houses the Battle Pass, which gives you additional daily tasks and is your primary source of experience, currencies, and other essential materials.

In addition, the Codex contains achievements and achievements which also provide materials. In summary, the Codex is your most important tool for game progression.

Uses car navigation
Car navigation can save you a lot of time and effort. For example, you can create a portal to the destination directly with one click in the Codex instead of searching for it on the map. Additionally, she can take you to the nearest targets on bounties without exploring the area.

Level up fast
If you want to reach level 60 quickly and let off steam in the endgame, a few tips can help you shovel heaps of XP.

Play the campaign
Grind the Elder Rifts/Elder Portals (from level 20)
Complete the bounty missions
Use the massacre bonus
You can find more info on the tips in our separate guide to fast leveling in Diablo Immortal.

Although Diablo Immortal is less extensive than its predecessors, there are still a few things to consider when gearing up. We have summarized the most important things for you in three tips:

Combat rating is critical initially.
Combat rating is one of the essential attributes to advance at the beginning. You will repeatedly encounter challenges that require you to have a specific combat rating on your journey.

Although you can also contest this under the required combat rating, you suffer much more and cause noticeably more minor damage.

Attributes don’t have to be a perfect match for your class at first
The raw sum of the details determines the combat rating that an item gives you in addition to the level. Don’t be afraid to equip equipment that gives you less of your main attribute as it takes you to the next combat rating threshold.

In the later course, you should find a balance between combat rating and your main attributes.

Upgrade as soon as you can
Upgrading the equipment at the Blacksmith only offers you advantages. Once you’ve found new, better gear, you can always transfer the upgrades for free.

Resource management
There are a variety of valuable materials in Immortal, and to help you get more of them, we have three tips for you:

Be economical with your currencies.
Whether gold, platinum, Hilt, or eternal balls: pay attention to what you spend them on!

Gold may be easier to get than the rest, but the same applies here: Don’t gamble away everything at the rarity and antique dealer. Nothing is more painful than realizing that you can’t afford the next upgrade after losing gold.

Platinum is the currency for the Auction House and is capped at a daily maximum through earning.

You get Hilt through different rewards from the Codex, but not too much. This is an essential resource, especially for Free2Play players, to get legendary emblems or gems.

Be careful when crafting Legendary Gems.
Note that you can not only craft Legendary Gems but also buy them from the Hilt Merchant or get them in daily quests. Duplicates aren’t worthless, but an additional new Legendary Gem is more practical, especially when you’re starting.

Buy or earn the gems before crafting them, as runes are pretty limited for Free2Play players.

Auto pickup is your best friend.
Simple but effective: You will need materials without end, so any equipment, no matter how white, is welcome. Just don’t forget to salvage redundant equipment at the Blacksmith regularly.

Even if the fights seem simple at first, you can also go deeper here. We have two tips for you:

Monsters: Affixes and Type
To take a closer look at a monster’s affixes or type, you can click on its To take a closer look at an elite monster’s affixes or kind, and you can click on the small icons below the health bar while targeting it.

Healing in combat
Healing is not easy to get for some classes. Healing potions and healing orbs are all the more critical for them. Healing potions recharge with each enemy killed, randomly dropping health orbs.

However, there is another rule for health globes: if an opponent who has multiple life bars loses one of them, health globes are automatically released.

If you have any other tips and tricks for a beginner or would like a specific guide for Diablo Immortal, please let us know in the comments! In this sense: Keep fighting. See you in Sanctuary!

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