Diablo Immortal Infernal Reliquary Hellfire Slag and all information

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A happy player is a player who has things to do in Diablo Immortal and to get there, and the Infernal Locket is the latest addition. It complements features like the Codex and Bestiary, offering players the opportunity to take on increasingly formidable bosses to unlock powerful bonuses.

How to unlock the infernal locket?
You must be at least level 40, as you must have completed the primary quest corresponding to that level, which requires going far enough in the story. After this, you will find a secret passage in Deckard Cain’s workshop in Westmarch. Together with his assistant Rayoc and Charsi, the blacksmith, they have developed a new device to increase your power.

How the shrine works
To start, you have to finish a trial failure of at least level 3 (it’s always your next trial failure level that is requested) at Rayoc’s request, then face a specific unique enemy, Pyl the Herald of Chaos. Then you can equip the lock locket particular slot. It gives you a bonus to attack and defense, but that’s just the beginning.

There are two exciting things about the Infernal Reliquary. The first is to upgrade it with Scum found during different activities. You will need to take these Dregs to Charsi, who will refine them into Hellfire Dregs in exchange for some gold. You can then use them to upgrade the lockLockett will strengthen your powers.

The Infernal Reliquary will locate increasingly powerful demons that must be hunted down to retrieve the remains as you gain power. This will grant you even more powerful bonuses, some of which are overwhelming but are only active on trial failures.

It becomes a long-term activity that will require you to upgrade the Reliquary and hunt down formidable bosses by preparing well and going there in a group.

As you achieve victory, you will gain increasingly powerful bonuses to unlock in the LockLockete developers mentioned that a new boss will be opened every month.

Upgrade Infernal Locket
Slag can be obtained in different ways, for example, in the Battle Pass at certain levels. The most logical thing is to carry out the famous Reliquary Raid every week, preferably with your group of friends, to get Slag and other Slag. It is imperative to take advantage of this opportunity.

Reliquary Assault
At the time of this writing, the only available boss is Lassal, and he’s already proving to be a massive hindrance to low-level and poorly equipped players.
It can be done in different difficulty modes depending on your team, and the better equipped you are, the more other Scum you can collect as a group.

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