How to Play Diablo: Immortal without spending real money?

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How to improve the P2W gaming experience in Diablo Immortal? This video will give you some ideas. Since the core P2W in Diablo Immortal is a legendary gem, we will start from this aspect.

First, get all the secret keys.
To get a legendary gem, you must first have a key. The legendary key sold by the token merchant is limited to one per month; the rare key that is distributed free of charge is one per day; the periodic key sold by the token merchant is limited to two per day. There are also 11 rare keys and one legendary key on the free battle pass, spread across the various tiers. These keys are available for free.

Second, get all the legendary gems.
Attack speed gems sold by token merchants, one per month. It’s fine to use as part of your build or simply as an upgrade material. Battle Pass lvl 15 and lvl 40 will give you one each. In addition, if you have enough platinum coins on hand, you can also consider the low-level legendary gems auctioned in the market.

Third, try to do daily tasks as much as possible.
So, where do the tokens and platinum coins to buy things come from? The primary source is to upgrade the battle pass level, which will provide a certain amount of tickets at almost every level. In addition, there are daily activity task chests in the game. Virtually all activities in the game will provide battle points. There will be corresponding treasure chest rewards when the battle points are obtained daily to reach 30, 70, and 120 points. They are 100-point tokens, a talisman, and 400 platinum coins. Don’t forget to pick up these things.

Fourth, try to form a team and fill up the keys when using the secret keys
When brushing the Immortal Rift, everyone in the team can get an additional ember material for every different key placed, so why not do it? Materials obtained this way are capped at 120 per week.

Fifth, try to fill the ember material as much as possible
You can get a certain amount of ember materials even if you don’t put any keys when you get through the immortal secret realm. The weekly limit of materials you can get in this way is 200.

Sixth, use ember materials to exchange runes and create legendary gems.
Use the key to clear the Undying Rift to obtain a random number of runes, which can be crafted into Legendary Gems at the Jeweler, and gems crafted this way are up to 2 stars. In addition, the ember materials you get can be exchanged for FA runes at a ratio of 18 to 1 at a specialized exchange merchant. And use this rune at the Jeweler to craft a random Legendary Gem. You can even bet on a completely unexpected gem for 22 runes, and it will have a 4.275% chance of being a five-star gem.​​​​

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