What about the Diablo Immortal Pay2Win?

Diablo Immortal is not a catastrophically shallow action RPG without substance. The game is fun, and the fights are good. But it also suffers from a boring level system – to which, unfortunately, progress in the campaign is tied. This makes it only suitable to a limited extent if you want to play a Diablo campaign again or plan to do it several times with different classes.

Immortal is a game for people who stick around and have their own goals. Who like to work their way through bounties, want to compete with other people in challenge portals, or even wholly immerse themselves in multiplayer and PvP. Because this game is designed to get you lost in its activities outside of the main storyline, you should search for new gems and strive for the perfect mix of legendary items and Gems.

These are also the people that the payment model is aimed at. If you don’t care, you won’t have to invest much money. But you are not having as much fun as you are used to from other Diablos.

Legendary gems are needed to add even more flair to your build. However, these trinkets are not simply dropped by mobs or enemies. Legendary gems are only found in elder portals – and even then only maybe. To increase the chance of getting a stone, you need to use emblems. If you spend real money on it, a legendary gem is guaranteed.

In theory, you can create the stones yourself with the help of runes (these are also only available in portals) or hope with several attempts that one will appear. With real money, however, this process is completed much faster. Since these gems, with their substantial bonuses, are essential for a good build, especially in the endgame (with PvP!), this practice is at least questionably close to Pay2Win.

However, emblems are not the only way you can make a few euros in Immortal despite Free2Play. There is also a whole shop with cosmetic items, two different in-game currencies, material to reforge legendary items more effectively, and packages in which several of these parts are sold together. Oh, and a kind of monthly subscription that offers more inventory space and daily rewards.

I can’t yet make an exact statement on how fair or unfair all this is. Much of this wasn’t fully integrated with my version, so it’s still difficult to estimate how quickly all of this can be earned. But one thing is already clear to me: Anyone who generally has a problem with payment mechanisms in Free2Play games will not be happy with Diablo Immortal.

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