What to Do in the Diablo: Immortal Endgame?

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Diablo: Immortal US server has been in public beta for three days, and it took me two days to reach level 60. The current one is peak level six. If you buy it with money, it’s about $30 for a battle pass and a month pass, and the rest is nothing. A video about my complete public beta experience sharing video should be made in a few days. Then I will comprehensively tell what the public beta version of Darkness: Immortal gave me. Especially about the topic between classes, players who will play Asian or national servers can take a look at it when the time comes.

Now let me tell you what you can play after reaching level 60, which many friends also have concerns about. My battle pass experience has come to the cap, so I said that I couldn’t get battle points to upgrade by constantly brushing dungeons, and I can’t refresh it until the following Monday. This is also very good. After two or three consecutive days of liver disease, it is time to stop and rest.

After reaching level 60, there will be no main quests. Just like you are a little confused after graduating from college or graduate school, you feel that you can do anything, but you don’t know what to do. That’s OK, and I’ll tell you the route I’ve been taking for the middle-aged and elderly to play leisurely in the past two days. What do I usually do when I go online after the whole level?

Usually, as soon as it goes online, the first thing is to get some daily rewards, and then one or two gift packages will pop up to ask if you want to buy them. I have become immune to these as a middle-aged and elderly living in today’s society. When you open an APP, an advertisement will be jumped first, and if you open a youtube video, an ad will also be jumped. Although the price of this gift package is meager and very affordable, some are only a few dollars, but they can’t tempt me. I think I don’t see it all.

Then I will go to receive the bounty task first. No matter what we do when we go out, let’s get a bounty first. Don’t rush to fight after receiving the bonus. I’ll check if the three world bosses or the event is about to start. If it’s Tuesday and Saturday, you can participate in the cemetery carriage event. The carriage will be updated at Ashward Ranch at 2 pm, 8:30 pm, and 10pm. In the previous internal test, this activity was played every two hours, which was very frequent, so I was too lazy to play after I had played it a few times.

Now there are only six games a week, which is a relatively grand event on the server, so you can see that there are densely packed people around this carriage. The task of this activity is to escort the carriage to the designated place. After reaching the end, a boss called the Tax Collector appears. After killing it, you can get a drop reward.

Since it was the first refresh since the server was launched, many people came to participate, and I was stuck once in the middle of the game. After landing back, fortunately, the carriage hadn’t gone far, and the final BOSS had a high blood volume. There should be a lot of water skiers in the crowd, so it took a long time to kill them. And because there are too many people, the picture is very stuck. I think Blizzard should optimize it here? At least let me see what this boss looks like.

The second place I will go to is the Zavin Mountains. There are two world quests here. The first one is called Ancient Nightmare. This event is open every Wednesday and Friday. It is also only possible to play six games a week, and the nature is similar to that of a horse-drawn carriage.

Focus on the second mission. We followed the path next to the teleportation point in the upper left corner and ran to it. Every half hour, there will be a world BOSS called Lord Martanas. If you find that many people have gathered when you come here, it means that it will be refreshed soon. Or you can walk to the front of his coffin, touch the coffin, and the system will prompt you for refresh time.

The refresh rate of elites around here is relatively high. If it’s a few minutes left to refresh, I’ll wait in place or turn around and swipe the mobs. Whether it is fighting mobs or elites, in addition to dropping equipment, the main thing is to collect the essence of this monster. After collecting ten, you can return to the city to get rewards. This reward is also a chance to obtain legendary items.

After the BOSS comes out, we paddle the water and fish for the fish, playing whatever we want. Now the blood volume is thicker, and finally, there is a boss. These world bosses are not the same as in the BETA test.

If you are slow and don’t hit the boss, you won’t be able to get equipment drops. In the previous test, as soon as the BOSS came out, he would be beaten to death in a second or two. Now, this boss will take a long time to fight. Even if you come late, you can still enjoy the drop as long as you touch him before he dies.

After fighting this Lord Martanas, we can teleport to the teleportation point in the west of the Black Forest, and we also go all the way to the innermost point. The BOSS here is called Snow Rose.

If I remember correctly, it should be refreshed every 20 minutes. The BOSS’s blood volume is also very thick, and it is easier to fight from a distance. You can hide in the left corner and output skills that can avoid half of it. But be careful. The boss in the third stage will put a big move to suck all the players in the middle. At this time, you must run out. If you are sucked in, you will return blood to the boss.

I have met a few times, there are always a few people in a group who can’t fight, and they will fill the BOSS with blood from time to time, which is very annoying.

The above two bosses are the easiest to beat. After the fight, I will make a bounty. There is nothing to say about making a bounty. Although it is said that monsters can be looted in the wild, they can be completed relatively smoothly under normal circumstances because You only need to touch the beast. You don’t need to be the first to hit him. When making a bounty, you can also pay attention to the time. If the two bosses are about to be refreshed just now, you can restore them. There will be eight bounty quests, and if you don’t wander around, you can finish them quickly.

After completing the bounty quest, I will go to take the quest from the Shadow Club. If you haven’t joined the Shadow Club, you can find a player who has already entered the Shadow Club to invite you to join. After joining, you can do a lot of shadow club activities every day, such as shadow contracts, which are similar to bounties but also have good experience and material rewards.

Then, there is a sneak attack on the treasure house, that is, team up with four players to sneak attack on the treasure house of the immortal. The activity of sneak attacking the treasury itself is not particularly difficult. That is, he will have a watchman every other way. You have to kill these watchers as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will go to tip-off. If you let him tip-off successfully, players from the immortal camp will come to a stop. If you kill it as soon as possible, he will not tip-off.

If players from the immortal camp came in to stop you, you have a darker method. Will the system prompt you that they are coming in? You can go to the door of the next floor and wait, and when those immortal players go in and have not reacted, we can ambush him. After all, we are the Shadow Society, not the Madonna Society or the Illuminati Society, so it’s OK to do some tricks.

If the last sneak attack on the treasury is successful, you can get rewards, and there is a chance to get legendary equipment. Suppose you are a player of the immortal camp every time you successfully defend against shadow players sneaking up on the treasury. In that case, you can also get rewards according to your contribution. Generally speaking, like a shadow player, try to find more powerful teammates to increase the probability of a successful sneak attack.

There are many other activities in the Shadow Club, such as the challenge of climbing the tower and hitting it layer by layer. Another more casual activity is the Shadow Gathering. Everyone gets together and cooperates to bring blessings and rewards. These are very time-consuming.

There is also a Shadow War PVP event that starts every Monday. You can be matched with players of the same level as you through the matching system. After winning, your union will increase the ranking of points. If your guild is finally in the top ten on the server, you can challenge players from the immortal camp. At that time, there will be 30 fights 1, this kind of large-scale magic PVP scene. Regarding this part, I haven’t experienced it yet. If you have the opportunity to participate next week, I will explain it to you in detail.

There is also a PVP, a PVP battlefield that is open every day, an 8-on-8 offensive and defensive battle after entering, randomly assigned to the attacker or defender. The attacker wins within the specified time as long as the defender’s tower is destroyed. Otherwise, the defender wins. This part of the PVP is also fascinating because it is a random team, so you lose it not necessarily because the opponent is too strong, but it may also be because of your teammates.

If you don’t like PVP, you can also play various dungeons, secret realms, etc. You can also get equipment, experience rewards, etc. In addition to regular dungeons like Skeleton King, Countess, and Elder Rift, you can also go to eight-player team boss battles and play twice a week to get rewards.

At present, the progress of each server should still be at the first boss, Lasalle. After defeating this boss, you can get items to strengthen the soul box. It is essential and must be fought.

You can open several treasure chests every day to get materials that can be used to strengthen your various attributes. In addition to that, you can also go to the Ancient Arena and collect the pages of Zorton Kuller. You can also explore hidden copies of various maps, and you can also get a lot of equipment and gem materials as rewards. Finally, don’t forget to complete Horadrim’s Legacy.

I have introduced so many activities above, but the time for middle-aged and older adults is limited, and not every workout has to be involved. As long as you choose a few activities to participate in, you can kill time every day. No matter what activities you do, your character will improve more or less. It is tough if you say that you have to complete every move. I would say that being mindful of your body and spending time with your family makes it a lot heavier.

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