Diablo 4 Gameplay Video Confirms New Class

Diablo 4 received official news from Blizzard during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase presentation this Sunday (12). The developer revealed a new class coming to the game, Necromancer, and confirmed the title for PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC, scheduled for release in 2023, still no date. Specific. Anyone interested can now sign up for a beta testing phase that will start soon, but there was no announced date either.

The Necromancer is the fifth playable class in the title, which already has Barbarian, Mage, Renegade, and Druid, featuring a mix of classic characters with never-before-seen elements. As you might expect, he deals with dark energies and dead creatures. Diablo 4 also revealed more gameplay details, showing maps, team fights, and other aspects of the game.

The first trailer featured the Necromancer fighting the dark creatures of Diablo and manipulating the energy of dead bodies to summon their spells and abilities. In his favor, he uses the Book of the Dead, which allows you to dominate the battlefield with more customization for the undead army. With this, it can manipulate the most diverse creatures during combats.

The Necromancer’s look is pretty classic for the class’s style of play, which has been in Diablo 3 and now returns for the new version. Cadaverous appearance, shining eyes, and darkness around him set the tone of what was seen.

Another vital piece of information about Diablo IV is that Blizzard has confirmed progress and cross-platform play on all devices where it is released. Whoever starts playing on PS5 can continue their progress on Xbox One if they have the game on both devices. The same goes for the PC version. Not only the saved history will be kept, but also the character evolution, items, and other details.

The game also promises to offer a lot of freedom for those who want to explore the world of Sanctuary, where the Diablo series takes place. PvP combat will be available in Nightmare Dungeons, and players will also be able to challenge their skills as they try to surpass the maximum level of evolution of each character – all, of course, to obtain legendary equipment that will make a difference in multiplayer or campaign.

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