How to Farm the Diablo Immortal Gems and Gold efficiently?

After the scandalous P2W of the legendary gems, it is the turn of the hidden limits in the farming of Diablo Immortal. It should be noted that these limits were mostly known and documented during the beta, and it is not surprising to find them in the whole game. It can be very frustrating for players who put in more hours, but as mentioned above, it’s not all bad either.

In games like Diablo Immortal, it is common to focus on a specific activity, which is considered the most profitable. This is a countermeasure. Imposing a more or less strict limit on rewards forces players to do something else instead.

Pending possible changes, the unofficial list of all known limits is based on this list from the community. Sometimes the information is 100% reliable, as it is easy to verify, but in other cases, especially for legendary items, it isn’t easy to verify.

List of invisible limits in farming
Safe Items: It seems possible to find 5-6 rare (green) items daily. From then on, the chances of finding one would be very low. It’s not confirmed, but if so, it’s best to farm dungeons first to get your priority gear before helping your friends in dungeons you don’t care about. It is better to go there also a little every day, instead of 10 hours.

Gems when playing with four players in Dungeons: You get an average of 5 to 6 Gems per dungeon. So the rate is limited to one per hour.

Hidden Lairs – You can only get six gems per day. This corresponds to 2 empty lairs or a 2 level lair.

Side Quests (blue marker on the map): The first six quests give 3 Enchanted Powders (yellow upgrade material) each (18 total).

Purple Enemy Quest – First 5 bosses, give three enchanted powders (15 total), then only items.

Cursed Chest (Kill enemies and get a bonus chest) – This awards five yellow materials, up to 5 times a day, for 25, but these chests are very rare.

Hidden Zoltun Kulle Tomes and Pages – In Hell 1+, collecting five pages from the Zoltun Kulle Library replenishes a tome that can be used to obtain a random event. You can only get each reward room once a day. If you go back there, the chests will be empty. You can only summon Hydra and Sandstone Golem once per day. But you can participate if other players gather them.

Bestiary – You can only store ten monster essences at a time. You have to activate the bestiary next. You only have three chances to discover a new page each day, and the more pages you have learned, the higher your chances of finding a duplicate. It is possible to continue bringing essences to the bestiary afterward. It always gives a lot of experience, with a good chance of obtaining legendaries. Up to 3 legendaries have been accepted at a time in this way. This makes it one of the most profitable activities in the game.

Exotic Trader Stakes – You can buy items of 4 types for gold, capped at 25 items of each type per day. But the price increases after the 10th item of each class increases to 150% and then continues to grow. It’s still a good source of enchanted dust and potentially legendary ones, but don’t buy more than 10 of each.

Dull Embers – Not hidden, but not clearly explained, and many are unaware of this feature. Performing Ancient Rifts, preferably with Rare or Legendary Crests used by you or other players, will earn you Dull Embers. They allow you to buy or trade runes to create legendary gems. Therefore, they are of immense value, especially for F2P gamers. The limit is 200 Dull Embers (earned without flag) + 120 Bonus Embers gained through flags.

Shadows and Immortals
Chest Vault Raid – You can only open 40 chests per week (that’s four raids by opening everything). So the cap is 800,000 gold and 400 Incus per week this way.
The limits of immortals are not yet known.

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