How to Make Diablo Immortal Boss Hydra Location and Appear?

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Some world bosses in Diablo Immortal require a bit of effort to find, or you have to be present at the right place at the right time. This is the case with the Hydra, as while this boss isn’t outrageously dangerous, she does have a few tricks up her sleeve.

How do I get the Flesh Hydra from Zoltun Kulle?
First, you must be level 60 and playing on Hell 1 difficulty or higher. It is impossible to find on Normal difficulty for one simple reason: the Zoltun Kulle Lost Pages event in the Zoltun Kulle Library area is unavailable on this difficulty mode.

You must collect at least five pages on the ground to recreate a lost tome, then use it by clicking the magnifying glass on the left in the interface. The result is random, and it can create a portal to a treasure chamber, summon the world boss Sandstone Golem or the Hydra. This is unpredictable and may take several tries before achieving the desired result.

You have two options, and the first is to wait in the area for a player to summon the Hydra. You can also rely on chat channels and your clan to know when a player has called the golem. You have up to 3 minutes to reach the area before it appears. Since he is a world boss, he is summoned by everyone. You don’t need to be at the party to complete the achievement and get the loot. Attack him at least once.

You will have to search the pages if you prefer to do it yourself. Doing this in a group is best since a page collected nearby counts for all group members. It also allows players to deal with monsters while someone else picks them up.

Hydra Location
This world boss always spawns in the Hydra room northwest of Zoltun Kulle’s Library, on Hell difficulty one and higher. It is the room after a corridor. If you enter the area but don’t see the Hydra, try changing areas and then coming back again to enter the correct phase. Being invited by a player is also a good solution.

Fight with the Hydra
This boss is not very difficult if you play in a challenging mode adapted to your level. The Hydra has pretty hard attacks to dodge, so it’s best to give it multiple targets:

The Hydra will explode and release poison blasts in front of it, and the area is vast, so it’s better to use a moving technique if you don’t want to take damage.
He also loves to use his back kick. It does a lot of damage and is very hard to dodge. This is going to be one of the main melee hazards.
The area is rectangular rather than round. When its first life bar is removed, the Hydra will gain a special attack in front of it. She will grab and chew on players.
Eventually, the Hydra will start to move and charge. Avoid standing in front of it.
In short, avoid being in front of the Hydra. But that’s not the most important thing, and this boss has an annoying habit of resetting and recovering all the health points from him when he targets a player outside the room during the last phase. He avoids going up the stairs or the hallway and encourages other players to do the same.

Ankle boot
The Hydra drops yellow enchanted dust and miscellaneous items. You might get a lucky legendary Item, but it’s not guaranteed. Let’s especially note Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity Vessel for the Horadrim Heritage Shrine. But you must have unlocked this feature before. Otherwise, the item won’t drop.

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