Blizzard clears Diablo 4 doubts about monetization after controversy with Immortal

Diablo is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming world – with Diablo III being released in 2012 and many players looking forward to an eventual Diablo IV release. However, when Blizzard’s annual Blizzcon conference came and went without so much as a mention of the franchise on it, rumors began to swirl that Diablo Immortal would be announced instead. If you’re one of these players concerned about what’s happening to your favorite franchise, read on for a reassuring explanation from Blizzard’s community manager for why Diablo IV is still coming!

We’ve received much information and announcements about Diablo 4 recently, such as the Necromancer class and a planned release date of 2023. But as the days go by, players are wondering quite a few things about the fourth installment in the franchise, after Blizzard’s attitude with Diablo Immortal.

Concerns about the direction of Diablo 4
Let’s remember that more than 100 thousand euros are needed to optimize our legendary gems without counting the rest of the aspects of the game outside of these objects. At the same time, the studio is showing incredible stinginess this week, whether at the level of improvements per connection, or the celebration of 10 million downloads, with gifts of symbolic value, while even the worst mobile games of this type are much more generous.

Suppose we add to this the rain of several scandals that have affected Activision Blizzard in recent years, especially Diablo 4, which has lost its director and its leading designer. In that case, it is legitimate to expect the worst, especially monetization.

Blizzard tries to reassure.
There is complete silence regarding the monetization of Diablo Immortal and its possible future improvements. On the other hand, Adam Fletcher, aka PezRadar, the community manager of the Diablo license, responded on Twitter about the monetization of Diablo 4.

To translate his words, Diablo 4 would be a game sold at the total price (60-70 USD, probably) but designed solely for PC and consoles and the public. The game is vast, with plenty of post-launch content for all players. Paid content will focus exclusively on optional cosmetic items that do not affect our progression and full expansions. More information should be available soon.

It might seem reassuring at first, but having to pay for cosmetic items when they were unlocked through gameplay at some point is still frustrating. In this sense, it may be Pay too fast, and they can also be unlocked by playing, not just by taking out the credit card.

Don’t forget that Blizzard representatives, notably Wyatt Cheng, have also been caught lying. He recently commented that players are upset because they are misinformed about the game. He also clarified on Reddit a few months ago that it is impossible to buy or upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal. Not happy to be the source of the same Don’t you have phones?

Legendary gems are gear inserted directly into armor pieces and worn by your character. The problem is that when a lie is discovered, it is difficult to trust the person or company responsible again. And while the studio hasn’t been shy about lying about Diablo Immortal, there’s no guarantee it won’t do the same with Diablo 4. Hopefully, Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Activision Blizzard next year will improve, if at all. There are some.

The community manager for Diablo IV is trying to reassure players that the game is in development and coming soon. In a recent post on the Diablo subreddit, the community manager stated that work on the game is progressing well and that the team is fully committed to making Diablo IV a great game. While it’s always good to hear from the developers of a much-anticipated game like Diablo IV, it’s also worth remembering that development can take time, and there’s no guarantee that the game will be released shortly. In any case, it’s good to know that work on Diablo IV is progressing smoothly and that we can expect great things from the finished product.

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