Pokemon Go: Shadow Pokemon List and Cleaning Guide

Pokémon Go encourages players to participate in the mysterious Team Go Rocket team, rewarding most battles with a clash with a shadow Pokemon. The fight against members of Team Go Rocket is currently the only way to get shadow Pokemon in the game. The shadow Pokemon can be recognized by their red eyes and the purple fog that surrounds them. The shadow Pokemon usually has a charged attack Disappointment, which changes after Pokemon is cleansed.


Getting a shadow Pokemon

As indicated above, players can get Shadow Pokémon, fighting with the Team Go Rocket members. Members of Team Go Rocket can be found by finding their floating balloons or looking for black Pokéstop, which indicates that the member of Team Go Rocket is nearby. As soon as the players fight enough Team Go Rocket Grunts, they will be able to fight the leaders, and then with Giovanni himself.

Pokémon Go: Shadow Pokemon List and Cleaning Guide

As soon as the shadow Pokemon was caught, the players have the opportunity to cleanse it. Cleaning Pokemon costs from one to twenty sweets, depending on the rarity and strength of Pokemon. Players will also need several thousand star dust to clean the Pokemon. The list below shows all current shadow poems and the cost of cleaning.

* All Pokemon marked with an asterisk can be brilliant at a meeting.

Canto Dex

Ho Dex

H Hohenn Dex

Sinno Dex

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