Intel ARC A380 video cards sell $ 500 in China for $ 500

In China, they finally began to sell Intel video cards, though so far this applies to only one ARC A380 model. There are unpleasant moments in this story, one of which is an overly bloated price tag of 3999 RMB ($ 500/34000 rubles). This price includes taxes, but even without them the price tag significantly exceeds the recommended 1030 RMB (8700 rubles).

Given that the performance of Intel ARC A380 should be at the same level with the AMD Radeon RX 6400, then the price of 34,000 rubles (390% of the recommended) scares. At the same time, Intel ARC A380 has a TBP 92 W and requires a 8-pin connector for additional power, while all RX 6400 is supplied at all without any additional power needs.


Along with this, the comrades from MyDrivers published the first photos of the A380 cooling system from Gunnir, which you can familiarize yourself below.

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