Suddenly because of optimization? Diablo Immortal Chinas release

As the launch of ‘Diablo Immortal’ in China was indefinitely postponed, China’s Netize stocks, which were in charge of services and development, also fell.

Netize announced the release of ‘Diablo Immortal’ on the 19th. The reason why Netize has made is optimization. Netize said that on various devices, the network optimization and graphic optimization are being optimized so that ‘Diablo Immortal’ works smoothly. Netize expects optimization to give users a better content experience.

Originally, the launch of ‘Diablo Immortal’ China was on June 23rd. Netize did not announce the delayed release schedule. It’s actually an indefinite act. Netize said it would reward users according to the delay.

In relation to this, China’s social media Weibo’s ‘Diablo Immortal’ was also suspended. Foreign Reuters reported that it had not been answered for the reason for the delay and the reason for the suspension of Weibo.


Since the news of the release on the 19th, Netize stocks, which were in charge of developing Diablo Immortal and China, also fell. Listed on the Hong Kong Exchange, Netize fell 9% from the previous trading day, slightly offset and closed to 6.68%.

According to Appmagic, which provides mobile market research services, Diablo Immortal earned $ 24.3 million for two weeks after its launch. This is an exclusion of China, Belgium and the Netherlands. Belgium and the Netherlands have not been able to launch the game due to strict gambling laws.

On the other hand, similar examples include ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ China service. The Chinese version of the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, which was originally scheduled to be released on August 12, 2020, announced a sudden performance two days before the service. The reason Tencent, who was in charge of the service at the time, was upgrading the game’s immersion system. Tencent reported that it had been delayed at the time, but it has been delayed indefinitely.

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