How to get Diablo Immortal Platinum for FREE without paying real money?

Diablo Immortal has many Currencies, Platinum is a currency used to convert between Eternal Orbs, obtained exclusively with real money, and Gold brought simply by playing.

Most players almost entirely ignore Platinum, but it is potentially a way to buy a 5-star gem without paying a dime. It is possible to take advantage of this if you know what you are doing. Of course, this will take time and managing your activities well.

How to get Platinum?
There are three platinum sources currently in play:

Shop: The fastest and most efficient is to buy it from the Eternal Orbs shop. Based on the shop’s exchange rate and Eternal Orbs’ price, 50,000 platinum is worth around 70 euros. This is not an option if you don’t want to spend real money.

But if you want your 5-star gem without risking wasting tens of thousands of dollars on crests, it’s much easier and more profitable to buy one on the Market.

Activities: The second option is to accumulate 120 activity points per day. You will then earn 300 Platinum through the Codex, obtained by doing its eight bonuses and some secondary activities. It’s not much, but it’s enough for the few side activities that require it, like gems and amulets.

It can also add up to a nice sum in the long run. However, this is insufficient to do anything in the Market.

Market: Some items can be sold in the in-game auction house, Normal Gems obtained in groups of 4 players, Legendary Gems obtained through Legendary Crests, Randomly created Legendary Gems, and the Skill Stones made from a level 5 amulet.

You can find the Market to the southeast of Westmarch. You will be interested in this if you want to earn Platinum, but it will require careful monitoring of the Market and management of your products. So that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Market restrictions
The Diablo Immortal market is far from perfect, and several frustrating restrictions are sure to turn off a lot of players. We are going to list them to prevent you from launching into the adventure without fully measuring what awaits you.

First, many Gems and Legendary Gems cannot be sold, as their origin does not allow it. Gems that can be sold are marked with an icon.
The second is that the Market will take 15% of the selling price—this curbs speculation and inflation by draining some of the Platinum from the economy.
Item price caps are relatively unprofitable, especially at server launch, as items of immense value can only be sold for a fraction of their fair price. This maximum price will increase with time and transactions.
Sellers also have to wait 24 hours to get their Platinum, which seems arbitrary.
Finally, an item purchased on the Market cannot be resold for one week. This is a deterrent if you want to speculate by buying items that are selling too low to resell at market price. This will tie up your funds, which could be invested elsewhere.

What to sell in the Market?
Normal Gems
: The best thing to do, especially if you play regularly, is to sell the 4 or 5 gems you earn fairly by playing in a 4-player party. He goes pretty fast doing some dungeons.

Check the market prices, so you know how much to sell. So you have to play in groups. Tourmalines are the most sold, but others are also bought at a lower price.

Skill Stones: By upgrading to Rank 5 with Alchemical Essences and then mining a Skill Stone for 500 Platinum, you can sell them on the Market. The result is random, so its value is also arbitrary.

More popular abilities are worth more, and having multiple skills of the same class on the same stone is a huge advantage.

Legendary Gems: You can sell those obtained through Eternal Legendary Crests and those created with the Random Gems recipe. We recommend that you use the ones from 1 to 5 stars. You can also buy gems with two stars or more when they sell below the market price to resell them a week later for an easy profit.

The purpose of all these transactions is multiple, allowing you to buy good-skill stones for your amulet and legendary gems with your earnings. This will allow you to upgrade your own or get the 5-star Gem of your dreams.

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