Com2us released the introduction of Summers War: Chronicle

** -Comtus, new MMORPG Developer Story Video 2

-Mmorpg’s fun to collect more than 350 servants and combine various combinations as needed

-Cronicle’s main content for the first time, such as gimmick dungeons that users attack like a puzzle through the video

Com2us released a video of a developer that contains the process of producing content in the game ahead of its domestic launch of its new MMORPG (Chronicle).

This video is the second developer story following the story of Chronicle and the introduction of the worldview, and the representative of the planning, program, art, and sound is the interview format of Chronicle’s unique game contents that are differentiated from existing MMORPGs.

Chronicle is a title that inherits the global game (hereinafter referred to as Summers War) IP, which has surpassed 140 million downloads worldwide. It is a hybrid MMORPG that adds ‘strategy’ through combination.

Regarding the genre characteristics of Chronicle, Park Ji-hoon, the head of the planning team, said, The summers war’s summon skill effect is reinstalled to the MMORPG in real time, and the strategic fun that can be various combinations as needed. I added it.


In addition, Lee Eun-jae, head of the game production division, who was in charge of development, said, The development team cited a combination of one summoner and three summons as the main challenge of Chronicle. I also paid attention to the design work as well as the balance adjustment.

In addition, in this video, ‘Gimmick Dungeon’, which uses the head as if the puzzle is unpacked, the ‘gimmick dungeon’, the ‘raid’ that finds the way to attack according to the characteristics of the boss, and the main resource, the perforation, and the field PK is possible. The first major contents of Chronicle, including ‘Battle’, were released for the first time.

Developer Video 2, which contains various content information, can be found in Official YouTube Channel .

Meanwhile, Chronicle is conducting pre-booking event for Korean users ahead of its domestic launch, and will be introduced in the global market as a C2X ecosystem-based P2O game in the second half of the year.

Com2us said, In particular, K-MMORPG’s horizon that targets Western beyond Asia, with the P2O system, which uses the results obtained by the IP power and gameplay, which has a thick fandom throughout the world. It is expected to be.

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