Dragon Ball creator reveals the last form of Cell and Piccoro

A few weeks ago, Japan’s spectators already had the opportunity to watch the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in all the film’s movie theaters. The reception has been mixed, but something that agrees with is the different transformations of characters, here two new ones linked to iconic characters are included.

Through social networks, the author of the work, Akira Toriyama, forgot a little of the rule that establishes not counting spoilers towards fans, because he showed a new art of Piccoro and Cell* * With its last phases. The best thing is that for those who attend the tape after June 25 **, they can obtain such drawings printed in a commemorative image.


Here you can see the arts:

Illustration of Piccoro and the final weapon drawn by Akira Toriyama.

It will be a gift for those who are going to see the movie after June 25. They will get one of these two random.

The image corresponding to Piccoro lets us see that the Namek has continued with his training, being one of the few Z warriors who continues to accompany Goku in his fights. For its part, the return of Cell is something that not many expected, but it has some logic that the army of the red patrol will find a way to relive it.

In news related to Dragon Ball Super. Finally, the premiere date for the film in Latin America has been confirmed, while it does not have many difference compared to Japan . If you want to know when you can go to your favorite cinema to see it, we invite you to click on the following link.

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