Dont let me say that it is a synonym for weakening! ? The recent nerf is too great

nerf refers to slang that weakens weapons and characters by patches and updates. The etymology is a toy gun that fires sponge bullets and plays by Hasbro .

Originally, the online game area was used as a slang that means weakening of nerf. It is said that the user spilled on the Internet, saying, This is like a toy nerf, while a certain weapon was weakened in the update.

For gamers, this nerf has become a synonym for weakening. However, if you look at the real thing, there are many amazing products that cannot be ridiculed with toys and gamer hearts. This time, we will introduce such an unknown nerf situation!

Nerf = Real FPS! ?

Nerf, more precisely, Nurf N-Strike is a toy gun series that fires and plays sponge bullets. Because it uses a soft sponge bullet, it is not only a shooting that competes for the target, but also a so-called survival game that aims at each other’s body.

Shooting a gun by aiming at each other’s body means that you can reproduce the world of FPS such as Fortnite and Apex Legends with your own body. It seems that the recent FPS boom is also popular.

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