LOL: The missing champions of the big leagues that can land by surprise in summer

With 161 champions available to have only 18 that have not appeared in the Major League competition is a small feat., Korea (LCK) and China (LPL), as well as international events (MSI). We will divide them into three categories **: Those that may appear at any time, those that are good but do not fit into the current goal and, finally, those whose kit is surpassed by other characters in the game and that we will probably not see without a Little help from Riot Games.


those that can land at any time

This category is minority and contains only 4 champions. Who is more likely to see quickly is Neeko , whom he is going very well in Solq. Although his kit is quite limited compared to other more popular characters, he could very well make some appearances in specific compositions. Fizz is a bit in the same situation, because even if other murderers surpass him, he is not bad and he has good potential how to create moves from nothing. Although he is in a rather particular niche, he could be chosen at any time depending on certain circumstances.

Quinn is not in the older leagues, although she is still a good stalker of the Toplane. It will not become an essential tool for professional topplaners, but can fit perfectly into some compositions , even if characters like Lucian look even better. This is also true for Nunu, that he could fit perfectly in some specific compositions but we must not think that in all.

The offmet champions that can surprise

This category is also small. The first one that comes to mind is Elise, whose speed of clearance and escalation quite average condemns her quickly to gain an advantage or risk being overcome. The new mechanics of comback makes it difficult to choose, since the Sudden error can condemn the team to play against 5. The spider queen is still strong, but it is really not too powerful in this goal. Fiddlecticks has the opposite problem, it lacks a bit of impact during the first minutes of play to be an interesting option.

The same goes for Heimerduinger, who could find the place as an abuson in the upper lane or in the _midlane, but his little mobility of him prevents him from being really shocking in the games that require players are everywhere at the same time. As for Xerath, not only Pokeo’s strategies are quite weak at this time, but does not have many options to resist a potential fall. Once again, the champion has reasons to be chosen, but it simply does not fit in the current goal.

Teacher Yi is still the most difficult case to anticipate. Currently the champion in the jungle really has no hole , which explains his absence. It remains to be seen if the future changes that Riot is planning for the champion will be enough to bring him back to the competitive scene.

Too weak champions

In this category there are only champions that, without necessarily being bad, are overcome by many other characters that meet the same role, but better. Kayn could still have some arguments to be chosen in the competition, but Viego does the same as him but better. The latter has not even had a presence in the competitive) , ** who have an interesting kit, but surpassed by many other characters.

Finally, as always, Shaco and Teemo are in this ranking. Only they, it is their kit that is not for anything suitable for the competitive format, where the macro game and the vision are excellent, while these two champions are supposed to punish errors of this type.

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