Seven Knights Revolution, the beginning of Netmarbles counterattack… Should I change the domestic game market?

Netmarble’s largest anticipated film Seven Knights Revolution, which is scheduled to be released in Korea on July 28, has begun to quench. Seven Knights Revolution is Netmarble’s fourth work and the first IP ‘Revolution’ title with the title of ‘Revolution’, which aims to provide fun and value beyond the original.

The game characteristics of Seven Knights have already been verified several times at home and abroad. Seven Knights, which first debuted in the Korean market in March 2014, ranked No. 1 in Google’s sales in September of the same year after reaching the top 10 of both market sales.

Since its launch in 2015, it has been ranked No. 1 in both major markets in Thailand, and has become the top 10 app store sales in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia. For the first time in foreign games, the company achieved significant achievements, including the third place in Apple App Store and achieving 10 million downloads.

‘Seven Knights 2’, which was introduced in 2020, also ranked No. 1 and 2nd in Korea’s Apple App Store and Google Play sales, and entered the top five sales in both major markets in Asia through global services.

Netmarble’s first console game ‘Seven Knights Time Wonder’, which utilizes ‘Seven Knights’ IP, was released in November 2020 as an exclusive spin-off work. It is characterized by maximizing the fun of collecting through real-time turn-based battles that target Sangsung, colorful skill animations, and various heroes joining adventures. The storyline and ending exist, and the single-play RPG, which has fun with the deck composition that utilizes various heroes according to the strategy, is also well received by users.

Open World MMORPG ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which will appear as Netmarble’s salvation pitcher on July 28, is one of the most maximized works of the original. The game gives users a special experience of becoming a Seven Knights hero and inherits strategic gameplay. Strategic is in ‘Free Class’, which is a distinction between Seven Knights Revolution. In this game, the class is determined by the weapon used, and can be transformed into various heroes depending on the battle situation. After the hero transformation, the hero’s unique skills can be used, allowing strategic battles through the combination of weapons and skills.

Seven Knights Revolution expresses the worldview of the original IP with high quality graphics. Netmarble is armed with new emotions and fun by applying a rendering technique, which is not a regular cartoon rendering method, but a rendering technique that stands out with light and material expression. The game will be released in the global market after its official launch on July 28. Netmarble explains that it is a multi-platform game that can be played on both mobile and PCs so that many users can experience the game.

At the Seven Knights Revolution Media Showcase, which was held on the 16th of last month, Netmarble Park Young-jae, the head of the Netmarble Business Group, said, It is a work that attempts to attempt, he said. We will do our best to make Seven Knights IP re-leaping into the global as a representative IP of Korea through rapid global services.

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