Where to find and How to Beat Diablo Immortal Vitaath?

Diablo Immortal has planned to keep players busy with several high-level activities, including 8-player Raid bosses through the Infernal Locket. The first boss is Lassal, and the second is Vitaath. It is much more potent than its predecessor, with a more complex strategy.

How to unlock Vitaath?
Vitaath is now available in Diablo Immortal. You must have defeated Lassal in all three versions of him to unlock Vitaath, including the version that requires a 1640 combat score. But you have to be a whale (or play with said players) to have a chance of beating her during July.

The combat score requirement to face Vitaath is 2000 for his first version, 2450 for his second version, and 3465 for his third version. You will have to be very patient or spend a lot of real money to remove the latest version.

Location of Vitaath
Once the prerequisites are met, you should have a quest that will lead you to speak to Cain again and the Infernal Locket-related characters. You will have to go to a portal near the Cavern of Echoes entrance to unlock the boss.

Fight against Vitaath
This boss has four life bars, which represent so many different phases. However, here are some general tips before I go into detail:
Like Lassal, this boss drops tons of AoEs all over the room, including Ice AoEs. Freezing will expose you to a devastating attack.
Enemy reinforcements arrive in phase 2, which you must kill urgently. The boss is immune to damage while other enemies are alive.
Vitaath has frontal attacks in addition to her AoE, so be careful with your positioning, especially in melee.
Ranged classes should strive to attack from as far away as possible. Group members should also stay away from each other.
Manage the healing potion well, you will need at least one charge by the end, and the cooldown should also be considered.
Use resurrections on other party members. Save the resurrection stones for the end of the fight, as the difficulty will increase when the situation escalates.

Phase 1 – 1st life bar
Vitaath teleports a short distance and randomly attacks nearby players.

Stalactites of Ice
Casts a spell that causes four blue circles to appear, then drops four stalactites of ice into them. The damage is vast.

Line of Stalagmites and Sword Strike
2 frontal attacks, one linear in front of her and one with a giant sword strike that covers a large cone. They are relatively easy to dodge.

Ice Affliction
Much like the bomb placed on a player by Lassal, an Assault member will be afflicted with an effect that can damage teammates. He must isolate himself in a corner while he is affected.

Phase 2 – 2nd life bar
The boss teleports to the center of the area before rising into the air. Several enemies will spawn, and Vitaath will continue to rain down icy icicles.
Ice Clones
Copies of Vitaath will use particular boss abilities. All three clones must die for Vitaath to become vulnerable again.

Frozen Shadow
Attacks from a distance.

Frozen Construction
An enemy that attacks melee.
Once the clones are dead, Vitaath goes back down and applies a spinning whirlwind of ice that will sweep the entire room, and you have to spin with it or move far enough away to avoid them.

Phase 3 – 3rd life bar
Icy Blast
The boss will emit waves of ice in all directions at the start of the phase.
Stalactites from the second stage will also turn into Frozen Shadows. You have to kill them while managing the other boss’s abilities.

Phase 4 – Last life bar
The boss activates the same elements as in phase 2, but without flying away. Instead, he will continue to fight and use all of his abilities, plus two new ones:

Ice Star
8 ice beams radiate from the center of the area to form a star. You have to get away and sneak through the lightning.

Icicle Rain
Ice spikes regularly fall to the ground, freezing players.
You have the option to kill the clones and then Vitaath or try to kill her before the assault is over.

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