examination Stray is cyberpunk on paws: no felines

Stray takes you into a gripping experience in which a tiny orange stray can come to be a huge hero. In our test we tell you why the mix of a whole lot of cat power and poet cyberpunk atmosphere leads to one of one of the most imaginative games of the year.

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  • 1 Test Stray is cyberpunk on paws: no cat fan can miss that
  • 1.1 Stray is loaded with cat love
  • 1.2 A cat comes to be a hero-how does it play?
  • 1.3 dirty, however colorful-Stray masters cyberpunk atmosphere
  • 1.4 Only a cat can save the world of Stray
  • 1.5 Analysis by Martin Hartmann

Stray is packed with cat love

In Stray, developer Bluetwelve Studio makes a cat a protagonist. Rather of just rolling around on the couch for all day, the home tiger on PS4, computer as well as ps5 has to strip with a dark cyber punk city . The stray has shed his family as well as you have to help him return to her. En route you can find out a growing number of regarding the stark metropolitan area. With the power of 4 paws, you might also be able to give a delighted finishing to the entire world.

The small orange cat is the indisputable celebrity of Stray. Bluetwelve Studio has actually attached wonderful relevance to mapping the to me as an authentically as feasible . You can likewise damage doors, carpets and other furnishings and push items of roofing systems and also tables.

A cat becomes a hero-how does it play?

Regardless of the big city, Stray is not an open world game. There are no intricate side tales and optional locations in Stray

In enhancement to the cat gameplay, Stray ratings especially with its game world. Instead, robotics strip through the streets illuminated by neon signs .

For whom is Stray worth? .

Stray offers them a whole lot of personality with just a couple of sentences. The bit robo buddy B-12 is also no exemption.

The story in Stray establishes a good rate, to ensure that even the diving jump and also retreat sections do not feel as well repetitive. The explorable areas additionally have the ideal dimension , to ensure that you can move onward swiftly and also do not shed your orientation. Once again and once more Stray also presents a brand-new feature that loosens up the popular gameplay.

filthy, but colorful-Stray masters cyberpunk environment.

only a cat can save the world of Stray.

The world frequently places you in front of closed doors as well as chasms that are as well vast for the most athletic stray. Stray is rupturing with imaginative issue solving.

Instead of being able to jump easily, you have to pick an objective to which the stray then jumps. In stressful situations, the cat in some cases locates a suitable location a little as well slowly. In enhancement, in some cases it does not right away come to be clear what you can leap on and also with which items the cat can communicate specifically .

As cute pet cats are, their options for rescue to conserve the world are in fact rather restricted. As an outcome, Stray informs an exciting tale in an atmospheric world.

  • Cat fans who desire to bring a stray home residence

  • Cyberpunk fans that base on dark cities with a gripping atmosphere

  • Tale enthusiasts who wish to obtain a gripping however simple story informed

Who is Stray unworthy?

  • Gamers that expect a great deal of action and demanding battles

  • Open World followers who need a big world loaded with side missions

evaluation by Martin Hartmann

** Stray takes you into a gripping experience in which a small orange stray can end up being a large hero. In Stray, programmer Bluetwelve Studio makes a cat a protagonist. The tiny orange cat is the obvious star of Stray. In addition to the cat gameplay, Stray ratings particularly with its video game world. > Stray can be kept in mind promptly that it is a video game of cat followers for cat fans.

Stray can be kept in mind promptly that it is a game of cat fans for cat fans. This is already revealed by the perfect computer animations and the dazzling meow button. Given that this summary also uses to me specifically, I immediately discovered to love the fluffy hero of Stray.

Bluetwelve Studio also amazed me just how much the actually grim cyberpunk world captivated me. The unique point of view makes a huge payment when the cat climbed over old pipes on roofs or sneaks in between the legs of the robot citizens.

Undoubtedly, there are no huge transformations in terms of gameplay in Stray. It is an easy journey with an emphasis on expedition, exciting background as well as a distinct lead character. But it doesn’t require to be extra.

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