Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak dumped a bunch of content on the players, which needs to be dealt with. New sets of switching skills that will be used during hunting are part of the expansion proposals. But what skills are available for each type of weapon and how to unlock them?

How to unlock MHR Sunbreak Switch skills

Sunbreak has three switching skills for each type of weapon. They open as the plot hunters move.

The first set of skills is given to hunters during the training mission. . After a conversation with the Master of the Armed Arena, a master of Utsushi will appear in Elgado, who will teach hunters the technique of switching skills and will give the first set of skills.

For achieving the master-yrang 4 and the completion of several hunts in this rank , the master of the Utsushi will ask the hunter’s audience to return to the village of Kamura. This will unlock the second and third sets of switching skills.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak switch the skills like weapons

Big Sword

  • Splash Slash Combo
  • Strong arm stand
  • Retreat

Long Sword

  • Sacred combo from scabbard
  • Hardened blade of spirit
  • Harvest moon

Sword and shield

  • Combination with two blades
  • Destructive oil
  • Shield with a shield

Double blades

  • Side blow combo
  • Spiral section
  • Iron silk


  • Tackle for the shield
  • Heavenly thrust
  • Lorination of retreat

Rifle Spear


  • Erupting gun
  • Bullet volley
  • Reverse explosion

A hammer

  • Rotating baton: charge
  • Keep influence
  • Shock explosion

Hunting Horn

  • Swing combo
  • Shock wave
  • Silk wave

Switch the ax

  • 2-story combo with morphism
  • Meter of spontaneous explosions
  • Wire step

bathing blade

  • Subsequent PHIAL drummer
  • Ready stand
  • Air jerk

Glef insects

  • Kinsect Slash
  • Attack of awakened kinsects
  • Kinsect Glide

Light onion

  • Critical firepower
  • The Wyvern counter
  • Shot of silk weaving

heavy onions

  • Crying shot
  • Rising arrow
  • Setting sun


  • Stavka of the stake
  • Bigo of the butcher
  • Acceleration of the bolt

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