[Photo = DFCIN] [Park Park Ye -jin Reporter] Dragonfly joint subsidiary DF Chain (CEO Won Myung -soo) has signed a strategic work alliance (MOU) with Item Bay to cooperate with blockchain technology development.

An action adventure recommended by the topic Shueisha Games.
What kind of gameplay will develop with cute touch character design and pale visuals?

Smashing the Battle, Overton, and Metallic Child, which was released last year.
Han Dae -hoon, CEO of Studio HG, who showed outstanding quality games even though he was a one -person developer, joined hands with Action Square.
Over the last 6 years

One of the great changes in League of Legends this season is Nerf to TP.
Having to wait 14 minutes before being able to use the invoker spell in a ward or a subject is something that does not cool much, but … are the players of LEC C