Com2us Holdings ‘Walking Dead All Stars’, new characters update

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 4th that it will update the collectible RPG and ‘Walking Dead: All Stars’.

Through this update, three new Epic grade characters, Carl Grimes, Gunter, and Gideon will appear. Absolute pre-propensity, Carl Grax, is a character with a sheriff hat and a revolver inherited by his father, Rick Graemes. In his battle, a tanker with a strong survivability, such as increasing his maximum HP, has a skill that interferes with and silence enemy energy recovery.

‘Gunter’ and ‘Gideon’ are the creative characters of Walking Dead: All Stars. The Gunter can deal with a large number of enemies by installing a pistol and a rifle launcher with the same stats as him. Gideon, a neutral tendency, unfolds barricades in the center of the battlefield to easily kill the enemy and the ability to earn allies’ recovery time.

The main content, ‘World’, has 29 and 30 chapters. It is followed by the destruction of the survivor community in the north and chasing the criminals who destroyed them. Defense War and Planning Defense Exhibition have also been added to a new round, which can also be available for additional quests and compensation for the victory of the defense.

In addition, the ‘skin’ system is also applied. Skin is an item that can be equipped with a character and can be obtained through ‘preferential’ or events. This time, the original character, Andrea, will show another charm with the skin, and the skin of various characters will be released in the future.

In commemoration of the update, the event will be held until 23rd. You can get a water bottle item that can be exchanged for various rewards by gaining a dice in a daily quest and throwing it on the board board.


‘Walking Dead: All-Stars’ is the third collection RPG with Com2us Holdings and Funflo (CEO Son Kyung-hyun). The gloomy posting apocalypse atmosphere of the Original Comics is embodied in a lively graphic.

In addition to the popular original characters such as ‘Misson’, ‘Negan’, and ‘Glen’, their own creative characters are introduced to add fun. The game is pre-booking in Google Play before the launch of the global region in the third quarter.

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