Far Cry 6 Chorizo location-where can I discover chorizo?

Chorizo is among the earliest companions to have access, but it is not very easy to discover if you invest your time in El Este or Valle de Oro in the very early components of history. We have created a handy overview that shows where you can discover it as well as his Yaran tale pursuit collection in the Madrugada area in Yara.

Continue reading to discover out the precise place of Chorizo in Far Cry 6 to make sure that you can add it to your Amigo friends along with various other Amigos such as Boom and Chicharron.

Much Cry 6 has a variety of companions, yet the most lovable group is chorizo. This delightful pet can be your buddy in a fight and aid to distract the focus of enemies to ensure that they sneak behind them and run a secret kill or reduce without ever being discovered.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo location

You need to visit this location throughout the main story to make sure that it can not be ignored. Chorizo will rest following to his kennel on the north side of the farm. Total these 2 Yaran tales to add it to your Amigos buddy.


This covers the Chorizo location in Far Cry 6. For a Far Cry 6-amigos beautician, make sure to read our guide and also check out our Much Cry 6 total option to get more tips on the video game.

To discover Chorizo in Far Cry 6, you have to go to the Montero Ranch which is your major base in Madrugada, and also conclude the Yaran stories Who’s A Great Boy as well as Fetch Quest .

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