LOL: How have the Nerf to the Nerf to TP taken to the TP? Opinion will surprise you

League of Legends is a game that is more alive than ever. Every two weeks, an update is implemented to balance the champions and different Moba mechanics. Of course, some changes are more drastic than others. At the beginning of the competitive season, there was one that ran a lot of ink: the Nerf al TP . At that time, several Toplaners complained, regretting a decision that isolated even more. But now that we have a little more perspective, we can have a more informed opinion.

The LEC interviewed its players to know their opinion and, in general, the answer is quite positive .

Both Toplaners and ADCS are very happy with change

For 14 minutes , the TOPLANERS can only teleport to a structure . Therefore, they can no longer appear in a wave of minions or in a lighthouse. Only then, when the TP breaks down, we can witness a small madness. As expected, Botlaners are delighted with this update. Flakked (G2), CARZZY (Vitality), Comp (Rogue), Upset (FNATIC)… All are relieved since they can play their lane with more confidence without having to constantly control behind them.

On the other hand and more surprisingly, several Toplaners left a very positive opinion about this change to the TP. Jnx (SK), Irrelevant (Gaming Misfits) or Aggressive (Team BDS) thanked this adjustment because, according to them, it allows the top laner to concentrate on the domain of the lane. He no longer needs to be available for his team and can live his life following his own interests. They also noticed that with the nerve of the TP, today you could play without it. It gives more strategic depth and allows you to play much more aggressive with the set spell, for example.

Only a really different opinion


The only player who says he is really sad for this change is Armut , the Turkish top of MAD Lions . He liked the explosive side of the old TP and now he tends to get bored for 14 minutes. For him, Riot had a bad idea and feels a bit disappointed , only in his top. He would like to be more involved in the gameplay of his team, as at that time.

Riot Games asked the Toplaners and Botlaners to respond, but it would also have been interesting to know the opinion of the midlaners, who also usually play with a TP these days.

Foto: Riot Games

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