Han Dae -hoon X Action Square is an open world survival

Smashing the Battle, Overton, and Metallic Child, which was released last year. Han Dae-hoon, CEO of Studio HG, who showed outstanding quality games even though he was a one-person developer, joined hands with Action Square.

The reason why Han Dae-hoon, who has been a one-person developer for the past six years, joined hands with Action Square, It was pride as a developer for me to make a better quality game every time I made the next work. Since I made a dog game, I felt that making a better game alone was physically impossible. From planning to art and programming to business areas. He faced the limitations of a one-person developer who had to solve everything al1. Then, he explained that collaboration proposals were in various places and the company’s vision and studio HG were consistent with the company’s vision.

He delivered the news that he was with Action Square, and Han Dae-hoon also unveiled the news about the new work. The game under development by Han Dae-hoon is a multi-platform game that encompasses PCs, consoles, and mobile. The genre is an open world action survival genre that will also be concerned about optimization for each platform. As it was a genre that was difficult to make in many ways in terms of one-person development, it is expected that development will be elastic by working with Action Square.

Meanwhile, Han Dae-hoon unveiled some of the prototype video under development as an Unity engine. This time, the prototype will be developed with Unreal Engine 5. Through the open clip, you can see the concept of the new work by Han Dae-hoon, including a scene of collecting trees and collecting resources to build or building buildings, battles with enemies, and exploring open fields freely.

Introducing the game, Han Dae-hoon said, I believe that gamers will like it as they will show gameplay that is different from other survival games.

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